Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Update Time!

Hello again slaves, friends, fans & stalkers!
Ive been super busy & enjoying the summertime with all you good boys and girls!
Im a teensy bit sorry I havent updated this blog more recently but not too sorry lol I will be sure to update more regularly!!!
I am happy to report that all of My chastity slaves are locked up and their minds on Me instead of their downward spiral to nowhere that their useless dicks lead them! My longest lockup time was 9 months & Im so glad that just this past weekend My slave p finally beat that time with a total of 10 months locked away!! slave p is so much better behaved now, training is really doing wonders for his lifestyle and personality. If you are interested in having Me be your Mistress and Keyholder them you should send your application and request for consideration. A nice gift wouldnt hurt either, Im sure you will want to keep Me extremely happy while I manage your keys. 
I have been meeting a lot of new clients lately! Im used to having a majority of sessions coming from returning clients so its kinda fun to get My little hands on newbies and very experienced slaves whom I had never met! Visit www.SheriDarling.com to request a session as well as see My dungeon spaces and lots of other goodies I took the time to put all in one place for you.
I thin I snapped this before I hit the pool or before camming- I really cant tell from the attire lol!
My 4th of July photo!
you work I relax!
What I wore to Our last Mistress party along with some sexy spiked high heels.
I love how guys are flying in now from all over the world to attend this awesome event. Every 6 to 8 weeks, usually a Thursday or Friday night. Next time you should make yourself useful to us 12 & come serve in Downtown LA. This last party We had was so amazingly fun!!! I was super excited to finally meet a rubber sissy slut I had been getting to know for about 3 years on www.niteflirt.com/SheriDarling and got word that she would be joining the party- finally! I was so impressed at the cock sucking skills but apparently the other slave on the reveicing end wasnt so impressed... So into "jail" (the cage under the bondage bed) she went... Only to have the tables turned as she was thrown into the glory hole where she practically fucked the hole to death. What a fun feeling it must have been to bust that load right into another slave just a tad bit more slutty than her! Forced bi isnt always a thing that happens, nobody has to do it unless thats the dynamic that slave has with its Mistress but it is certainly encouraged & We absolutely love the humiliation of the slaves who would like to participate. Be sure to check www.twitter.com/Sheri_Darling for the announcement of Our next party. 
One of My all time most obsessed devotees wrote a nice review for Me. I tend to not care about reviews, there are a bunch of Mistresses who like to collect them and a few who even make them up and write their reviews themselves or have their slaves write ones for them. Pathetic. I think that My website, blog & social media all reflect on what kind of Mistress I am but reading this sort of review did make Me smile & pleased with this slave. I love the connection I have with a good chunk of My pets. A ton of them are repeat clients and some are servants who dont ever see Me except for on their screen. Many have been very loyal throughout the years. This review was posted on MistressReview.com Feel free to write one if you have ever seen Me and you enjoyed our time together. Make Me smile. 
Ive been shooting some hot content with My hot Mistress friends. Above Im with Goddess Eden Winter who I adore. Suchhh a total Goddess.
Here We are with one of Our favorite slaves g & Mistress Cybill Troy! Visit Our clips stores & collect them all!
Another day an other ass locked...
Still on that health kick. A personal trainer I hired in July said I had to get this & a heart rate monitor so I did. I have to admit I do like being able to see what Im doing & how hard Im actually working. I snapped at him because I kept feeling like his diet plan was unrealistic. Telling Me Ill derail the work Im doing with a burrito is a quick way to turn Me off! So discouraging! lol Havent heard from him after month 1 & he was paid up for another 2 months after that. What a total joke. So unprofessional to not even end things politely. I want My money back! lol One of you should tribute $300 so I can spend it on some spin classes. I know I always get the best sweat at spin! Grr..
Whatever! I dont need a personal trainer, Im great at pushing Myself to reach goals all by Myself. I just wanted a PT to keep it interesting & teach Me more about getting healthier through food- not forcing Myself to eat at a certain time throughout the day (there isnt even any scientific studies to prove that works anyway) Maybe Ill take some nutritionist courses or something. Does anybody else have concerns about GMOs or is it just Me?... Either way Im very conscious about becoming a better, more healthy version of Myself than I was yesterday. 

Im constantly teaching Myself new skills and I actually think the problem is that I cant find a better leader or teacher than Myself.  
you work I relax, send lush gift cards from your desk. Thanks.
Just being a Goddess & relaxing..
I guess I was feeling super proud of this workout. Must have been the preworkout still pumping lol
When your slave sends you 1k randomly you take note & show other slaves how its done. I have this idiot who calls himself a "moneyslave" who messaged Me and offered to sponsor Me to go to DommeTrips this year in October taking place in Jamaica. 3-5k, no problem he said, he was already paid to go... have I seen a dime from him, no. Is he really paid to go on his own yet, no. Do I give a fuck, absolutely not. I have plenty of slaves who show their appreciation for what I do so playing into someones fantasy of being a money slave isnt really how Id like to waste My time. Real money slaves dont talk about sending money- they just do it. Im very used to getting high dollar tributes from wannabe slaves and slaves I am training to become owned property. On to the next one!
More Goddess relaxation time..
Looking all smug after getting that dungeon purple up! 
Home Depot & Amazon gift cards would be nice

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