Thursday, October 24, 2013

Miss Sheri Traveling Domme

Have whips,
will travel xo
Vegas, possibly a day or two in New York, Amsterdam & London are all trips Im beginning to plan for now until the end of the year.
  • During My vacations if you want a piece of Me you will enjoy My pay to views on NITEFLIRT.COM/SHERIDARLING so be sure youre a customer of Mine (meaning you actually bought something or called Me before, otherwise you wont have access to those images)
  • Enjoy this ass & tit cleavage pay to view shot while I was at the tanning salon earlier this week, getting ready for DommeTrips Dominican Domination. youre welcome $20.69
  • Ill be home (for now) November 4th to November 27th
  • I have something very exciting up My sleeve for early November which I wont reveal until the T's are crossed & the I's are dotted! Exciting!
  • My Birthday is November 22. Im hitting the Nekromantix & Rev Horton Heat show in OC that night. Also, Submission LA is having another of Our popular Multi-Mistress play parties you sluts can go be useful at. Im most likely going to find a weekend or a few days to spend in Vegas to celebrate, its tradition. I love birthdays. Plus, a gorgeous suite, room service, day spas, shopping & fancy dinners are what Im all about & Vegas is so full of great service I can never get enough of it there! I will most likely take a session or two while there.
  • Click HERE when youre ready to handle My Birthday Wishlist xo
  • Ill hit Amsterdam 11/28-12/4 with Miss Julie Simone, She is performing at the Wasteland Party! We still need to book places to stay while We are there, until December 4th *hint*
  • Im also considering a tip to London to ring in the new year. Never been, isn't that a shame?!
Upon returning Nov 3rd, midnight, Ill definitely be looking forward to some downtime & being served at home sweet home in LA. I would love a slave to hit the grocery store for Me & let Me relax & cuddle puppies. Latex landry, laundry & dinner need to happen too.

Stay slutty
xo Miss Sheri

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mid October Recap

Hello pervs!
This image was shot two weeks ago by the Rubber Lovers over at
a little behind the scenes shot
What a fantastic past few weeks! I hope I don't forget to mention it all! lol Obviously the shoot with was a blast! They know how to make latex look delicious & I am looking forward to more kinky fun with them! Look at the lucky slave, I bet he forgot where he was that day ;) I definitely do have more images coming from that shoot, I wonder what pervs would be willing to do for Me just to see them all..
Learned Rope Bondage from Miss Julie Simone!
Ive been such a fanGirl of Miss Julie for years & I feel like anyone with a dirty mind & eyes has to be as well. She is so creative, beautiful & cruel- Shes The Ultimate in My eyes! Anyways... Back when was DungeonWest, We had Nikki Nefarious come teach Us some bondage moves. It was awesome, I was completely excited & I tried to pick up as much as I could. I never felt completely confident in My rope skills though.. Tying someone to something is a piece of pie but I was afraid Id hurt someone & embarrass the fuck out of Myself so I never did much of it in session. When Miss Julie taught Me again this past week it felt really natural- I cannot describe how awesome that feeling is! I even got a compliment from the Teacher Herself, which made Me feel so proud :) Who is next?! 
Snapped in Miss Julies Dungeon
I started the trip off with some early morning play! Glad to have met some new pervs, hopefully Wwe can reconnect on My next trip back- which I hope will be very soon! Many fancy dinners, such good times & those smiles on Our faces should happen much more often! Miss Julie took such good care of Me while I was visiting, She even made Us breakfast every day I was there. The only morning She didn't cook We enjoyed a fancy brunch thanks so My sissy slave. We spent a wonderful evening at the spa, got massages & lounged in different hot pools & saunas - was so enjoyable!
I cannot explain how lovely it was to have such a sweet sissy slave being completely attentive even though I was across the country- thanks sissy!

My slave spoiled Us while I was away, truly so sweet of that sissy! :) We were goofing around with the Vine ap.

We waltzed right into The Box in NY,
maybe because We were sooo shiny they knew We were special ;)
My first time visiting Central Park, was lovely
Miss Julie brought Me to 5Pointz, pretty amazing to see all the art!
My favorite piece that was there that day
Spent a night in the city, was so great! Snapped this right before a double session with Miss Julie & one of her fun clients!
When I landed I was promptly greeted by a very sweet sissy taxi who presented Me with chocolates & champagne! What a lovely way to return home, I wish every return could be like that! Also, there were presents waiting at home for Me. Plus, sissy insisted on doing some cleaning before leaving, which I could not appreciate more. Lifes good! These hot dildo heels (above) were waiting for Me to try them on.. Cannot wait to break them in, don't they look fun?!
Shot by Tommy O 9.29.13
Now that Im back home I should remind pervs to please check My wesite calendar before requesting play time! I have an extremely full schedule during the remainder of October & would love to play on the days that are unplanned! I do require deposit for all new play partners, as well as 24 hours notice.
Lets get kinky!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Miss Sheri Darlings Nail Fetish Auction

Hi sluts!!!
By now you've seen My gorgeous sharp long nails
And Im sure that if you fetishize them you saw the update, I broke a nail this week! Ugh!!
(I painted it half way through the photoshoot last Sunday)
Well My loss can be your gain.
Ive decided to auction off that broken nail.
Lucky you.
NOT just that, I was feeling so generous today while getting My claws some TLC I requested that My nail lady save My nail trimmings & cuticle gunk just for one lucky slave, pervert or fetishist.
Arent I so nice!?
I know, I am.
Auction starts now, ends Monday at Midnight pst before I am off to New York.
Don't worry, My nails might have gotten cut but theyre still sharp, sexy & evil ;)
To bid:
Comment here,
Tweet or DM Me on Twitter,
Email Me,
or call on Niteflirt.
The bids will be updated here, by Me (unless you bid here)
Nail Fetish Trimmings Winner:
The lucky perv who gets to worship endlessly or who gets to consume My nail trimmings will be allowed to pay via amazon egift card or cash if you are in Los Angeles. Also, if you are local to Los Angeles Ill gladly meet you to hand them off in public, in person or during a session. It would amuse Me to have you play with them lol so if humiliation is your thing this might be your lucky chance to publicly see Me in that mindset and hear My evil giggle.
Good luck xo

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Miss Sheri Darling visiting New York Oct 8 - 14th

Taking a few select sessions in New York, Howard Beach area Oct 8 - 14th
Im very excited to return to New York next week, Ill be visiting Miss Julie Simone, offering sessions & seeing what kind of pervy fun I can get into. Ive had many callers from the New York area contact Me over the months but My schedule & plans just never fit for a trip back. I hope that I get to meet a lot of you pervs & that you make Me want to return regularly! Ill be staying with Miss Julie Simone for all or part of the trip, Her dungeon is located in the Howard Beach area of Queens.
I always require a deposit (via amazon egift card) for new play partners, this will also remain true for when I am traveling to ensure nobody has their time wasted and also to make sure Wwe are able to coordinate a time that works for Uus both. A few of My favorite types of play include but certainly are not limited to feminization, sadism via flogging whips & canes as well as toilet training. Please browse My blog for more info on Me, as well as My website before you request a session.  
See you sluts soon!