Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I love what I do,
Its the most fun way Ive ever paid My bills & life's pretty good..

Tanning in the backyard this week...
I typed up this long rant about all the bullshit I have to put up with on a daily basis and it felt good to get it out.. but I have fun & I don't want any of My sweet, fun. generous, creative pets to think this has anything to do with them. You gotta take the good with the bad, right. How else would I have been found by the most fun & sweet play partners?!?!

Boots from a sweet generous pet living in Germany, Thanks ;)
I guess My biggest hope is that I'm too distracted having fun with REAL, SERIOUS kinksters to be bothered by the fake time wasters! Keep Me busy, pets. Even if you cant session with Me, perhaps you can send tribute. Everyone can afford $20 a week, right.. you know I love shopping lol, gift cards to Amazon, Victoria's Secret, or other online shops would definitely keep Me happy :)
New lingerie arrived today..
I am looking for a Financial Slave.
I need a latex sponsor.
I need a leather sponsor.
Theres gotta be a generous pet or two out there wanting to make My life a little easier financially who probably wont even feel the pinch (unless you'd like to lol) & No, this doesn't mean you get free play or sex from Me. Supporting Me financially must be your kink.

Kink bag:
  • straight jacket arrived today..
  • electric fly swatter, for cbt or just to fuck with you..
  • dog shock collar, not for puppies, for your cock & balls lol, cbt
  • more electrodes, for electric stimulation
Read This blog for protocol and how to book Fetish & Domination sessions with Me: HERE

Lets play xoxo

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hussy Update..

I know you kinky fucks are lurking, (& I like it..) 
thought Id give you a quick blog update before the week gets busy...

What have I been up to?.. Ill work My way backwards...
Spent the day relaxing with my puppies, doing laundry & getting organized
perfect day for that since it was raining all day long...
LOVE thigh high boots, these were gifted from a sweet pet.
I got home at about 1 or 2am after driving back from LA. The bi-monthly Domme Dinner was last night hosted by Mistrix. There was so much yummy food! All made by Mistrix!!! I missed the first course because I was having fun Hussy play time with Siren Savannah for Ashes Wednesdays camera :) (Ill get back to that later) Mistrix cooked a yummy 6 course dinner. Chicken pot pie is prob My favorite, the 7 fruits pie was My favorite desert :) The Doll is such an iron chef in the kitchen! Next Domme Dinner is in March. We are also trying to plan a trip to San Francisco & Vegas in March before or after Mistrix comes back to LA so any of you generous kinksters out there want to make it a little easier on Us that would be lovely!
After dinner I watched Mistrix spank flog & whip a couple subbie girls at the dungeon.
Mistrix & I spent the weekend in Anaheim courtesy of one of Her generous slaves. We attended the NAMM convention.. To be honest I spent a total of about 30-45 minutes actually in the convention but I do enjoy spending time around artsy / creative people. One of My favorite things to do is go to concerts but I don't really know much about instruments or equipment so I was a little out of My element lol.. We did squeeze in a few sessions. I met a sweet cute boy from Germany :) He sent boots & tribute, then we met on cam in the hotel room, it was fun. Hopefully our schedules can coordinate so we can meet again I enjoyed meeting him. I loved the boots he picked, cant wait to get those on my legs & cam with him lol
I had My pet by My side for the weekend too, hes a good boy.. Why does he get to be My pet? Wouldn't you like to know... ;p 
the pet & I at Newport Beach.
Ok back to My Ashes Wednesday rant I wanted to brag about. Have you seen Ashes' work? Go HERE to check out some of his videos.. Go HERE to his website.. Hes brilliant. The man has such talent & a creative originality about him, I feel so lucky to be one of the Ladies he shot. I hope he loves Me because I'm gonna bug him to shoot Me all the time. Which means Ill have good pictures & possibly some short videos soon, with face showing! I have dated too many vanilla guys who made me feel like being kinky was bad.. Who ever doesn't like the kink in Me can suck My gorgeous silver sparkly cock! :) 
Mistress & Switch Siren Savannah is such a doll too, made the shoot sooooo easy lol I totally kept demanding free play during the shoot, could you blame Me? Shes such a sweetheart with a hot body, all the boys get addicted to Her instantly, Shes rad!

Ashes Wednesday, hes handsome huh.
Book him for photo & video shoots AW@AshesWednesday.com

Sexy Switch Savannah
Fetish & Domination Sessions subMissSavannah@gmail.com  
Kink buys:
(I have a shopping addiction.. no joke I was distracted a few times while typing this because I thought of something I want..)
Guys send amazon gift cards to My email address, that's where I shop for almost all My toys.
I bought a gorgeous latex corset this week, should be here tomorrow!
I bought a few CBT devices! (watched a few CBT videos & laughed My ass off & immediately went shopping for torture devices!) Ill update when I get them..
Lets play xoxo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekly update...

Legal weed is gooood...
This week has been all over the page. I spent the weekend in LA which I don't tend to do too often.. I had a few sessions so I decided to stay and mingle with LA friends and pets. Thought I would add this blog update with less words & more pics... hope you enjoy...
Snapped right before some naked twister...
Mistress Justine & I played with one of her perverted kinksters this week. I watched while they played naked twister then he watched while We played.. I liked being the spinner while they played more lol because I kept the crop handy to correct the kinkster if he lagged on making his move etc. TWISTER DOMINATION~ I take the game serious ;p heh... I think dressing for pleasure is much more fun than being naked usually so I kept on my favorite stockings attached to an under bust corset with garters.. Cant wait to play that again, good workout!
Hanging out on the bondage table...
I got to hang with one of My favorite Dolls this weekend too, Emily Marilyn. Ive known Her for about 5 years or so.. We met at an adult convention, I made a straight bee line the second I saw Her. We've kept in touch mainly through the music scene, watching concerts together & attending Her boyfriends bands shows. I get asked often is She is available to do Double Domination or Fetish sessions & the answer is yes. We've played before for fun but not in a private dungeon setting.. yet.
My highlight of the evening was having Her and My sweet pet in a little Hussy sandwich on the dance floor
Squeezing his ass & biting Her on the neck while pulling Her hair <3
I'm so spoiled, I love getting what I want..
I want more though, Ill have to get these two together more often
-THAT would make My hussy heart so happy ;)

A body made for latex..
Cant wait to train my pet to be the best pony with these new heels..
Who needs spurs with heels like these?
Been wanting to train a pony since I heard one mans kink / obsession with it..
Mistrix is in CA~ Were booking sessions for Friday & Saturday
(& possibly Sunday morning) in Our Anaheim hotel suite.
Email to request time in Our schedule, Doubles or Single Domination avail.

Kink bag:
I got soooo many pantyhose & stockings, again! lol (I got a pair specifically for my oc role play guy too!)
There is a sound on its way to me! I love using the sound on some of my slutty subs but now Ill have one in my kink bag instead of at the dungeon! Means its cleaner, less used & only I get to decide who is worthy of such a treat..
Ive been pretty impressed by My new pet so I bought a treat just for him that nobody else gets! See, I reward My pets IF they deserve it. [and if it benefits Me by offering even deeper submission with its use ;) ]
Gag! I only recently got into gagging my subs.. say aaaaah....

Ok enough.. READ this before requesting a session with me: HERE

Get over here you slutty subbies... xoxoxo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi perverts~ Ive gotten many compliments on My little blog here so thanks to those who read and enjoy. I like to share / brag about the fun shit I get to do to pay bills!

See that? CURLED toes, that's what I do...
Snapped that pic while smothering during a session yesterday with one of My most loyal pets :)

I have a lot of fun while not in session too you know... This week Ive been interested with stuff not so on the surface. I hear some ladies say being a Domme is too hard & then they name stupid reasons that just scream to Me "lazy slut syndrome" lol. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with being a lazy slut, just go do it somewhere else, please!! I'm in the position I am because I'm willing to work for it. Its a great privilege to be grouped with some of the most amazing and talented Women Ive ever met & as someone newer to the scene I intend on continuing to educate myself, participating in classes/events & continuing to grow as a Domme and earn the same respect.

Ive been up to things such as.. Went to the First Friday FemDom party at DragonsGateStudios~ that was fun but I was in a weird mood so I didnt stay as long or play as much as I had at the first FFF party I attended. I did meet some new people there so I had fun. Princess of Pain is so sweet and welcomed Me last month so I knew I wanted to come play more with her. I brought the new toys Ive been mentioning on here for a masochist I met there last month! He got welted and was bleeding afterward but still didnt scream UNKLE! Gonna have to find something more tortorus for him!

I met a really sweet pet this week also! I don't even wanna share on here what that was like because it means so much to me but I do want to brag that I'm really happy I met him. Weve been talking for a few weeks & I met him because he has such a sincere heart and came off completely different than any other sub or service pet Ive ever come in contact with. Went to My first munch with him! Its nice to meet people who are in the same boat, until recently Ive always been made to feel like an outsider by people or "friends" who just didn't "get" it. We went to play at the Lair this weekend too, I know I'll never forget that experience. I didnt end up getting home until about 4am :) We had fun.. 

Its nice to feel free to be who I am,
no judgements
 feels like what you subs must feel like when you come to session with Me.
Bound CBP? lol~ Sound, vibrator, E-stim, pinwheel action
Loyal pets get preferential treatment ;)

Dont miss it this month kinksters, Mistrix is in town. She is by far my favorite Domme & Im extatic that I get to spend some time with her (& likely learn more new tricks)! I kind of get to hog her, usually she stays with Fetish Jade but since were attending the NAMM convention were staying in an Anaheim hotel by Ourselves for a few nights! Partyyyyy ;) Book your double Domme sessions now otherwise we might not be able to get to you!

Kink bag:
you guys need to send me stuff lol
I keep buying toys with the deposits I get sent to me for booking sessions and now I have exactly $0.00 on my Amazon.com account.
Which also means that you perverts need to book sessions with me.
Do it. xoxoxo

To book sessions read this blog: HERE

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun week

I enjoyed myself this week thanks to a few perverted minds...
Had lunch on the beach..
Snapped a few pix for you..
Size 6.5-7 feet
I met a few new play partners this week & really enjoyed playing with them! Usually I'm on top of my foot game, I keep em pedicured, polished & moisturized with scented lotions at all times! When I got this request from a foot guy who wanted STINKY FEET I was intrigued lol I hadn't planned on seeing him while I was up in LA because he didn't give me enough notice but we agreed on a time to meet and it was on! He was the last pet of the day & I had been sessioning all day and was up from OC in the morning to LA in the afternoon to play, my toes were dirty & had smelled like feet... He showed up (wanting mild degradation) so I immediately told him take of his fucking clothes! Hurry the fuck up idiot! Quit checking yourself out in the mirror at lay at my feet, dumb ass!!! I had fun being a bitch to him even though he was SO HANDSOME! Smothering his face and toned tanned body with my dirty feet was fun :) NEXT TIME--- I'm getting more notice so Ill be able to stink up my feet at the gym with tennis shoes and socks! Cant wait to see him under my soles again!
Heels gifted from my fav cross dressing slut ;)
 I love meeting perverted people. I love during first session when they're telling me what their fantasy is.. its like confession time lol The best thing about my regular play pets is that there is a higher level of trust and willingness to push limits which makes the session a much more memorable experience in my opinion.
When I meet a session virgin its kind of a trial run to see what you're made of, I tend to side with the "less is more" approach when playing with a new submissive simply because I need to know what their comfort zone is so then I can can inspire the desire for them to want to push right through it. I love driving my guys wild with desire and sending them home lusting for me for days!

My favorite role playing pervert came back for a visit! We played Teacher & student ;) from being my student & doing a bit of show and tell.. to being my Teachers assistant after class.. I got to do whatever I wanted to that cock of his, he is such a fun creative pervert! We needed to see if his cock was extra credit worthy so I bound his wrists above his head and played with his cock- I mean tested his cock ;p I used pinwheels on his most sensitive skin, vampire gloves on his sensitive areas also~ I even whipped out my e-stim kit for a few minutes too. Yes, he gets EXTRA credit for making me cream my panties during session :) I even thought of him while I placed my most recent stockings order.. *added note, Ive been daydreaming about playing as his "secretary" lol oops, is that the submissive in me trying to sneak out again?! ;)

O! I lost a pet this week. I was sad at first because he was a sweet guy. Then I got mad. After his session with me he chatted up every Domme in so cal. We talked often and maybe that was my bad because he finally admitted he hadn't been back for another session because he "wasn't comfortable paying me to spend time with him".......... HELLO! THIS IS WHAT I DO! GET OVER YOURSELF! Have fun spending the next few years waiting for "the one", I could have been here to entertain you till she comes along.. 

& that my pets, is why I LOVE CUCKBOIS! They like to see me happy, they like it even if it means I'm with someone else right in their faces... yes I do offer cuck fantasy sessions.. ;) 

(2yr old pic thought Id throw this in there while I'm talking about cucks)

New treats on their way to me:
Latex stockings & garter set!
Pantyhose galore! (including white ones by special request..)
More leather thigh high boots!
& whatever you guys send me ;)

Wish every week were like this one was!
Read *HERE* for protocol on booking me for sessions in LA or OC!
Keep those kinks coming! xoxo

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Im back...


I had a nice time on vacation and all but geeeeeez the hussy in Me is ready to come out and play again. I had exactly 2 orgasms while I was away so you know there is tons of pent up perverted kink to go around for all My pets ;)

I had a bunch of packages to open when I got home. I used a gift card a sweet generous pet gifted Me to buy lots of gorgeous lingerie lotions and pantyhose! you pets should thank him! lol I also sent Myself some items to include in My kink bag so I'm pretty stoked for the day when I get pulled over & car searched ;) (I'm kidding..)

This month is bound to be fun-filled:
Mistrix will be in town 1/17-1/22..
Julie Simone 1/8-13 & 1/16-19..
It would please Me very much if my pets requested a Double Domina session with Myself & either of these Ladies while they are in town.. a Triple Domme session would be even better!

Mistrix & I will be in Anaheim while she is in town so those pets attending NAMM, if you show us your badge we will discount your session by $20 ;) We will be in Anaheim 1/20-22!!!

I'm interested in attending the bondage class Julie Simone is teaching at Dungeon Servitus SUNDAY JANUARY 15th 3-5pm so I expect my interested pets to offer to bring, meet or sponsor me there. 

The Ladies & I will be playing in LA at The Catsuit Lounge!!! (***UPDATE*** NEVER in My life would I ever return to that place, couldnt pay Me enough!!! Oh & Mistrix too, She has moved Her bi-monthly dinners elsewhere!) (I am always available for OC sessions as well). There will likely be a Domina Dinner 1/22 @5pm! Gotta love Mistrixs cooking, Ill never miss an opportunity to eat her food! I expect my pets to come dine with me, serve me, bring me wine!, keep me company & also donate to Mistrix for her time and to cover costs of the food. This is a no pressure to play night although sessions are available.

Please contact me directly to request Fetish/BDSM sessions (private 1 on 1 or to request a Double or Triple Domme sessions), or if youd like to attend the Domina Dinner:
Sheri.Darling13 at gmail.com
or call 626-247-4374
READ this blog on protocol for scheduling sessions: HERE

Lets get kinky xoxo