Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August Hussy Update Time

Hello perverts!
New sleepsack
Some gorgeous gifts arrived this month from perverts all around the world! Including this sexy leather sleepsack above! I love being served & worshipped, it truly makes Me happy. I thought I would update My blog to say hello to you pervs who enjoy stalking Me on all of My social media :) Ive actually gotten six times more traffic this month than I did at this time last year! By the end of the month I should be at seven times more traffic! I love it! It gets Me off knowing undercover (or not so undercover) sluts worldwide are hard about serving Me. Ive been meeting lots of new pervs in person as well. I have a nice handful of play partners that have been keeping Me quite spoiled and entertained in as well as outside of the dungeon - thank you guys! I love seeing what else I can do to you or get you to do for Me. Win win always.
A sexy picture of Me living My leisurely life. you're welcome!
One of the reasons to interact with Me and be a good boy for Me at www.niteflirt.com/SheriDarling is to get on My good list and be included in the sexy teases I like to send out. No they aren't free, lol, youre not that special. And Im greedy, and stingy, and you love it. 
Another sexy image of Me relaxing while you work. I love being well rested when you sluts call for some kinky phonesex. Nothing is more relaxing than laying around in a sexy custom latex bathing suit. I might take this one on vacation with Me next month..
What do you think?
I think it should come.
Especially with that convienient crotch zipper.
Some people live to work, I work to live. I want to work as effortlessly as possible because Im always eager to get home to this, or to My dog and friends. Send tributes www.niteflirt.com/SheriDarling
Here is what My POBox should look like more often. Thank you to the perverts who invest in My happiness and especially to the ones who cant live without going out of their way to serve Me & make Me happy! Click HERE for one of My wishlist links & enjoy making Me even more happy.
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Sexy new latex arrived, thanks to the pervert flying Me in for September Surrender. A fetish event happening in Dallas 9/11-9/14 Im very excited to get out of town for a weekend of kinky fun with likeminded perverts! Performances, fetish parties & pool lounging ~ sounds perfect right now! Are you in Dallas waiting to serve Me? Speak up & send an email with tribute if youd like to persuade Me into allowing you to serve Me while I am in town.
Special Event~ you've read My posts about these parties before and there is another opportunity to serve at the next Multi Mistress party 9/19 These parties seem to just get better tenfold each time! Its pretty amazing that its possible since they started out with a bang (cock sucking gang bang to be more specific lol) but it seems that once the word gets out that We are having another party the sluts just line up. Its great! Click HERE for info and to purchase your ticket to serve LA's sexiest 12 Mistresses at Our private party.
Besides September surrender in a few weeks the next trip Im looking forward to is DommeTrips in Dominican Republic 10/20-10/27 with a  very fun group that just seems to keep getting better. This will be My 3rd time at this event & it cant come soon enough! I hope some more of you decide to come on this fun get away.
Other than travel I plan to be right here at home. I tend to fill My free time between live sessions in West LA or North OC by being on the phone for phone sessions or on cam for phone with cam sessions through www.niteflirt.com/SheriDarling
Lets get kinky!
Serve Me.