Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Post DomCon LA 2015 Update

Hello perverts!
Mistress relaxing at home
Had some time to do some much needed online work, thought Id give the blog an update too. Ive been home, no immediate travel plans so come serve Me. Or better yet, make some travel plans with Me! Ive been relaxing at home, taking sessions & playing with pervs on the phone or cam. I actually love where I live so I haven't really been eager to make travel plans in a while but I think its getting to be time again.
Someone should make plans to serve Me during kink events:
September Surrender in Dallas,
Montreal Fetish Weekend,
a special birthday trip in November
& Halloween in Vegas
- all things Id like you to pay for :)

Mistress at DomCon
I did just attend DomConLA! Heres Goddess Eden Winter, Mistress January Seraph, Myself & Goddess Phoenix just before the DDI Magazine photoshoot. Unfortunately I was busy & unable to attend most of the weekend but I did make it a point to spend some time saying hello to the people I like & to trot around a pet for a bit. Good times! I love DomCon because its the one time of a year that all the Mistresses & slaves from around the world come together. Next year I will definitely be able to make more time for the presenters, parties & after parties!

My favorite Mistress & I
Book a double Domme session, We play well together ;)
 The popular "Mistress Photo" DDI Mag photoshoot.
(When a horny slave gets to take the pictures you get good boob closeups) 
Thank Fuckin Gerry for the photos!
Relaxing before a cam session recently. I like to do cam sessions through because you can load your account up & let Me drain it vs having to prepay. I also like that I get money that way, not gift cards.
Money > Gift Cards
Saving money > Getting more stuff
I also celebrated My 3 year phone sex operator anniversary! Thanks for all your support, perverts. I have an amazing amount of fun toying & teasing you sluts. I enjoy training you & pushing you towards being an even better servant. Some of you guys can be completely idiotic but for the most part you guys have been really good to Me & are a source of entertainment each & nearly every day. Keep it up! is where you can connect with Me wherever you are via phone, with phone and cam or to enjoy the pay to view files containing exclusive sexy photos & you can also find a nice variety of prerecorded listings detailing My interests experience & kinky stories for your enjoyment.
All latexed up for cam.
Mistress is ready for some new latex, send tributes!
Ive been working out really hard and very consistently lately so Im actually waiting till August / September to get remeasured & order some new stuff. Give Me some incentive by contacting who makes 95% of My latex custom & send her paypal payments on future latex! Id be so happy, plus I need new outfits for photoshoots. Gimme.
Post session selfie, even though Im all sweaty from the catsuit- youre welcome!
I take sessions in West LA & North OC, book a session & serve Me. Visit for live session info.
I graciously allowed a nice cucky perv to pay for this lingerie ensemble recently. The panties were on for maybe 3 minutes before I got My brains fucked out & eventually cum all over the garter. See, Id tell you shit like this if you were My true cuckold slave. I am interested in being served by a cuckold who like Me believes that unless there is emotional sadism involved then its not truly cuckolding. Id like someone who understands this is not a client relationship, not a tit for tat type of arrangement. I would require them to make regular financial tributes for things like fine dining, travel, lingerie etc. Here is a **LINK** to a special wishlist made just so cuckolds to show their sincerity. youre welcome.
My true cuckold would know the story behind this image. too bad that's not you, huh?
Leisurely life, Mistress headed to the beach.

 Working! On My tan!
 Ways you can serve Me:
PS: I have a ton of stockings to sell, contact Me if youd like to buy & worship them