Saturday, March 28, 2020

Quarantined and Horny

Thats right. 
Being home and unable to play only brings out the horny in Me, how about you?
Selfie after filming / camming last week
Dungeon selfies on St Patrick's Day 
I hope that you are all well, home and healthy.
My Top 3 Quarantine Tips:
1.) Turn off the news. 
2.) Workout daily.
3. Jack off a lot.
I have to admit I began to deal with the Corona Virus Pandemic by worrying and panicking. I was very upset that instantly almost all of My friends found themselves jobless and with no plan to move forward. Half of everybody is worrying about spreading the virus while others think they're special and won't ever contribute towards the spread. I love watching the news to stay informed and I enjoy politics. I watched as this virus spread across the world before it arrived here first in Orange County is where I noticed, then LA.. I literally put a list of words into "mute" on social media after the first few days that I began to avoid the gym. I highly suggest it! The hysteria that the news media has created is incredible and was way too much for Me. I was very sick at one point in My life. My immune system wasn't great. So I still avoid all sickness equally. I get annoyed when clients come to play with even a small sniffle. I'm paranoid like that. Im always the one at the gym with tons of antibacterial wipes. But I go religiously to keep Myself healthy. Im grossed out by high fives. New people touching Me really bothers Me. I just know that as a germaphobe and mild hypochondriac that I take personal boundaries more seriously than a normal person - and then top it with being a Pro Domme of 9 years - basically nobody gets to touch Me very often lol I like it that way. 
Being allowed to touch Me is absolutely an honor.
Staying at home is easy for Me.  
The last day that I visited the gym was March 11th. I honestly was going every single day except for a random day off here or there for the last 7 or 8 years. I like to find new gyms when Im on vacation for fun. It really messed with My mood and energy to not be able to release it in a way that Im used to ~ I say this because I am positive you can probably relate. March 11th was also the last day that I had a session in My Huntington Beach dungeon. Its ok to not see people right now. It sucks to not be able to have fun and get kinky in My play land I created but Im ok with that for now. I am continuing sessions through this "stay at home" order that California is currently under. Health is wealth. All My sessions will now be online until we are in a much different place. Online sessions are basically all Ive been doing since the "stay at home" order was placed. I plan to resume shooting content for My websites next week! Feel free to request a custom video for yourself. Here is where you can find Me. (This is how you can continue to support Me while My main stream of income is cut off.) is where you can follow Me for free, or subscribe to see My naughty pictures. Its a kinky social network. I also sell videos there and you can tip Me - its the website where I receive the highest payout 80% This is where My true fans and slaves go to get the real Me, and they get to SEE the real Me since Im not posting photos on any other social media anymore. Use My link & get your first 3 minutes free. Its where I have held phone sessions and phone with cam sessions for almost 9 years. Pay by the minute to be controlled by Me from wherever you are. Perfect for the pandemic. Once you hear My voice or see Me on your screen looking back at you and directing you on what you'll be doing to amuse Me today- you'll understand why so many long distance slaves use this method to serve Me regularly. I love being worshipped for being the pervert that I am :) Ill be here a lot over this quarantine, join Me. Click HERE for the casual cam line or HERE for FemDom cam sessions. is still where you can collect My hot videos or request a custom video, there is also a phone and cam line there. is My main twitter account, follow Me.

How am I spending this quarantine time? I stopped worrying and am trusting that things will be fine- they always are. I bought a few weeks worth of weed and have completely stopped going out for errands. I had a vegan meal delivery come last week that included breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and green juice which was so nice. I would love to do that again, send a $350 tribute if youd like to spoil Me with not having to cook or meal prep for the week! I also had some gym equipment delivered which really helped My sanity. Send $250 if youd like to cover May, hopefully this will be over by June. June is also when I expect to be more comfortable considering resuming in person sessions again. Only with slaves I know and like, no new slaves this year. New slaves can court their way into My dungeon over the next few months. If you do not know what courting a Woman means then you are not slave material for Me. Between snacks and workouts I would like to fill more of My time with you online slaves! Visit My and give Me a call to introduce yourself. Im easy to talk with and Im pretty much always turned on. Theres gotta be some of you in the same boat with a load you're ready to work out for Me ;)
No but honestly- Im taking My supplements and vitamins, Im enjoying My workouts at home and am trying to keep My mind busy is the main challenge. The main thing Im increasing is My "oil pulling" ritual. Google it. I do it with coconut oil and oregano oil. This helped Me overcome an invisible illness years ago and has kept Me healthy ever since. I now carry antibacterial spray in My pocket, am not ordering deliveries for non necessities and washing My hands a lot even though Im mostly staying inside. It sucks but also as much as I like My car I like not spending all My time and money sitting in traffic driving across the county and back multiple times a week for workouts and sessions, for now. 

Speaking of working out!.. I decided to open back up for slaves. I like to keep up on My fitness and knowing My slaves are taking good care of themselves to be the best versions fo themselves for Me is a compliment of its own. I love knowing they're working hard to be able to serve Me regularly and to be proud of who they are when they present themselves. I love it. I consider training like taking inventory and care of the tool shed. During the month of April Ill be offering two different options to join the stable for 30 days. One, a lighter accountability only option with communication done via email or text. The other second option includes a combination of communication via email or text plus 10 minute webcam check ins during your workouts every other day. Both include optional humiliation / encouragement / objectification. I've had several requests for online workout supervision and I'm happy to hangout with you on cam but also that's a separate session. Email Me to request consideration. 

Besides turning off the news 
the main advice Id like to offer 
is to keep your balls empty and serve Me
Itll make this time so much more enjoyable, for Me.
Serve Me