Monday, July 30, 2012


Hi pervs & play partners~
New chastity locks arrived, let the fun begin ;)
Snapped 7.25.12 Myself.
Thought I would take a minute to say a few things as I reflect back on the past year. I'm in such a great place right now & feel like everything is coming together finally. I'm using amazing playspaces that offer not only a discrete location but great functional furniture & well thought out set ups for all kinds of BDSM play. I surround Myself with kinksters who I respect & look up to. I'm on the verge of filming some great scenes to share with perverts like you.. I'm always in the process of owning and training a few really great slaves ;) 
~Life is good!~
Gifted from My newest slave
Snapped 7.16.12
Latex by Abigail Greydanus
Gifted from My sweetest CD gurl this week!
(I'm ready to film!!!)
When I first began I was treated like an employee by a lady who tried to get Me & all the other girls she knew to promote her, promote her playspace & to be there a few days a week waiting around like a whore. She would get Ladies to session there with the promise of getting them sessions when  really, she was more of an old washed up fetish model who liked the title Domina and wanted to pass off her disgusting clients to anybody else lol. Escorting activities going on there with her full knowledge, so obviously I really didn't like being associated with that place (or her crazy ass)... Gee no wonder girls came & left like a Marry go round!! I found that once I was fed up & refused to session there any longer I really have grown so much. I did feel I was treated as her working girl & I didn't like it. I'm Dominant by nature and work hard to benefit MYSELF, I need My freedom & although I am a compassionate Domme I don't take any persons bullshit. She was too cheap to even purchase hand soap for her "dungeon" & would dilute it down with water, what a joke. I do regret sessioning there because she treated true lifestyle submissives & slaves like shit, always talked behind their back while constantly trying to take advantage of them. Because of those things I really don't feel it was as pleasant of an experience as sessions in other dungeons Ive used since then.
~You live & you learn, right!~
Snapped 7.29.12 at the Hollywood playspace
The orange county playspace has been there over 12 years. Its beautiful, multiple rooms that were well thought out & has a GREAT reputation in the Fetish community.. Its also where I usually attend play parties! The Hollywood playspace is honestly a bit small but is clean, sexy, discrete & the owners are rad & always finding ways to improve it. The new playspace I'm using in West LA is amazing too- it shows you that a real Domme who really Dominates can set up play spaces better than anyone who fakes it. Really, I give Dungeon West a lot of credit, I really like it there. Plus everyone is chill! They aren't looking to make rent off of Me alone lol
Snapped 7.26 at Dungeon West
I learned a lot about Myself too. When I first started I thought I was a bit more switchy than I am.. has to be the right energy, right kind of play &&&& I have to be in a bottoming kinda mood, which I never really feel with anyone but My boyfriend or a super hot sexy Lady.. I quickly learned how easy it is for men fall in love with Me, the 4 marriage proposals this year were very cute lol Ive learned really how special a true submissive slave is, I appreciate them more & more each day. To live a life of service is such a beautiful, flattering gift, I almost get a high and bit emotional just thinking of them.. No its not an act. This is how I support My lifestyle but I am far from a money grubbing whore. I'm picky. I will block & turn away any inappropriate or unwanted attention & the money isn't any sort of persuasion otherwise. I offer legal BDSM & fetish play only.  I screen My clients so well that I do appreciate the ones who will jump through a few loops to take their place at My feet. I know I have quality subbies who will wait to see ME & not just any chick ready "now". Judging if you are a compatible play partner for Me begins at your initial contact & if you are truly a sub or fetishist I know you'll follow instructions to get My time-- & I appreciate & respect you more for it!
snapped 7.28.12 Myself
World difference from waiting around like a whore with a shitty person at their shitty playspace to being truly independent & playing with My clients in quality spaces run by real lifestyle kinksters. THAT is something that I am happy for!

I still do have many goals I know are within reach
& Im thankful for the sweet pets who support Me.

Stay kinky xoxoxo

My sissy boy / gurl Tasha.

Almost a year ago I got a call from a kind, kinky guy who wanted to see Me.. He showed up with a bunch of large bags which excited Me! What could be in there I wondered.... This was his first time seeing a pro. This was his first time admitting his kink to anybody else.. He had a fantasy about cross dressing. What a great one I think. There is nothing like turning a male into a gorgeous, sexy & sometimes slutty gurl right before My eyes. I get so excited & I don't bother hiding it!
 A few of the Christmas / Birthday gifts from Tasha..
I remember he brought Me gorgeous thigh high boots that I looooove to pieces. I am a bit sentimental & I try to wear them a lot. We put on his sexy pantyhose, a sexy bra, tight mini dress & some high heels! We even did a change & put her in a sexy French maid outfit & let her clean the dungeon while trying to seduce Me ;) What a gorgeous girl! I remember being so pleased at how her attitude & demeanor changed. It was like a new girl was in the room with Me & although shy, she was there to submit to Me. Its beyond flattering when I get this type of play request because I do take it to heart. I remember getting her bound nice & tight to the bondage table.. I suspended each ankle separated & above her head.. RUINED her pantyhose! That's a part I love dragging out ;) Flogged, spanked, paddled & scratched.. I made her feel like My slutty lezbo friend over for a kinky slumber party & had My way with her. This was her first time having a sound used on her so it was extra fun "fucking her slutty virgin pussy" lol.
The boots I was gifted
Each time I see her I feel we go deeper into who she is, what she is like & what she enjoys. Flash forward a year later & she has a name I gave her on 7.26.12. I took months thinking on one that fit her. Shes like a sporty, sassy, sexy but classy gurl who is super fun & very sweet. I surprised her with the wig My evil Mentor Mistrix Ms E gifted Me during DomCon. After the pantyhose, sexy lingerie, ultra sexy boots & the make up was carefully applied we finished her look with the wig which COMPLETELY changed her I think. It was her, the way I had always seen her & knew she was & wanted to be. She is Tasha, My sweet gurl & she will always hold a special place in My kink heart. 
We have these matching heels :)
She gifted them, & has amazing taste!
I get upset for the cd gurls who request rape & torture without having built some sort of trust with Me first. Some gurls dont know their worth & I wish they were more careful.. I guess there is a Domme out there for every persons likes.. I prefer confident gurls who like this type of play & even though we can roleplay that its forced, I love knowing that its a true desire within them that they enjoy & I'm fulfilling, allowing them to live it out with Me..
Here's another blog where I elaborate a bit more on this subject.
I just wanted to share My experience with a very special gurl & document it in My writing because it means a lot to Me.

you're next xoxo

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sadistic School Girl

Hello pervs
White backseamed stockings
yesterday before session
I am so lazy in bed & will be away from the computer for the majority of the weekend, which I don't really like because emails etc pile up.... I did want to touch base & write a little something. I started this blog writing about encounters with subs & would dish a bit of what it was like in a session with Me.. Ive been having so much fun lately with creative kinky subs & really am enjoying being kept busy. I had a sub write Me for a few months before he came for a session. No, he didn't nag Me daily about what ifs, how about this, I want that or gimme gimme gimme lol. I think its great that subs think & get to know their Domme first. They trust us with their lives basically at some times so I think making sure they're in good hands is a sign of a thoughtful sub who knows his worth.

Some subs aren't worth shit. They go on and on and on about how they "would" serve and how bad they "want to" serve.. but then they're completely incapable of communication which means I cant even deal with them. Ive been lucky enough to have great subs and slaves serve Me on a regular basis so I really don't waste My time with wanking wannabe slaves.
Foot rest..
This sub came in for a bit of cbt & said he likes bondage.. He mentioned something about a schoolgirl fantasy months back & I know some Dommes might not be into it but I LOVE roleplaying. Even if I'm in a pink schoolgirl outfit & white stockings & garters I loooove being able to control a mans mind & cock. Theres almost nothing better. I feel on top of the world when I'm there, I'm happy, I know the sub is happy even through the pain and unexpected sensations. I put him on the wheel & had his limbs separated before I gagged him, nipple clamped him & began stretching his balls while flogging them with a very stingy flogger.. I always let subs in on the secret of why I love ball stretching, I love a mans balls hitting My clit when I make him fuck Me doggystyle. Plain & simple. The bit of pain is nothing once they're stretched & their wives or girlfriends find out the same reason why saggy balls rule! lol
Cock smashing with feet!
The end of the scene which guys don't know is that if I do allow you to cum ~ you're fucking welcome. That means I dig you & don't want to kick you out without one last bit of humiliation. I made this guy cum on a piece of candy (which every schoolgirl always has on her hehehe) & then I promptly popped the candy into his mouth. The end :)

The outfit I wore.

Go wank to that for a while.
If you serve Me go on
& PAY to cum!

Last night I went to a swingers party, so. much. fun.. But a whole other blog ;p
xoxo stay kinky

Monday, July 16, 2012

Latex Hussy...

Just got in a new order of custom latex
& snapped a couple photos of Me in it!

Its nice to have an amazing slave gifting these to Me.
(thanks slave m!)
We are planning a week of latex debauchery in Vegas soon!

xoxo Miss Sheri

Monday, July 9, 2012

Checking in..

Whats up perverts?!
Mmm Leather...
I wanted to touch base with all My lurkers ;) Ive been kept very busy lately & am working on a couple different "projects". First one being~ Distance Training. I have enjoyed training subs online so much I thought I would make a new tab on My website to direct slaves interested in serving Me. I teach them about what it takes to make a Domme like Me proud to call you slave. Theyve been My little play things & I have a lot of fun with their training! From tasks & assignments to journaling & kinky calls to report back on their assignments.. 
Also, I wanted to mention it here.. Film slaves hooded or not are welcome. Id like to start creating some beautiful BDSM images & videos ~where you suffer for Me, plain & simple. I know foot freaks are going to come crawling on their little hands & knees BEGGING & thats fine.. masochistic slaves with less limits are going to take priority & thats just how its going to be. slaves who serve on film how I WANT THEM TO will possibly be allowed a discount.
Gorgeous playspace I will be using for LA Sessions
Located in West LA
Sissies, slaves, submissives & fetishists of all sorts are going to love coming here! Its beautifully done, very private & discrete. Easy to get to which is great for all of us. Fully equipt, AC & heating, kitchen & shower. On top of My toys there are lots of play stations with toys already there & great set ups for so many new scenes.
Oh & a SHOWER for you pervs to clean yourselves up before you leave :)
Schedule some play time & lets get kinky!
Auction item~
Check My Auction list often! I'm updating stuff almost daily & include items I ruined in session, used socks, stockings & sneakers, & so many random kinky items you guys would love to worship. I also enjoy giving slave tasks having to do or using the auction item once they win it!
Presents!! Thanks slave M xoxo
Im always very appreciative when I am treated well. I grew up poor & knew what it was like not to want because I just knew I couldn't have... Ive worked hard all My life to get where I am and I know I am fortunate to have slaves, submissives & fetishists around Me who support My lifestyle. I looooooove being spoiled & bragging but really inside I'm beyond elated & almost turn into a softie, but its only momentarily... ;)
Phone sessions 24/7 Call SheriDarling for phone sex on
Distance Training via Pay to views on Niteflirt
Video Slaves wanted!
Auction Items HERE
Live sessions in LA & OC!
Request a session or request to serve as a slave on My website:
Lets Play xoxo

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Whats new

Netspend~ I was using NiteFlirt to accept tributes but no longer wish to do things that way unless Its the only way.. which it isnt.. I went to 711 today & bought a Netspend reload pack. Theyre like prepaid visa debit cards I can use to get gas, grocery shop, use just about anywhere. So instead of NiteFlirt taking $30 of that $100 you sent Me Ill be getting the tribute directly from slaves & pets & all they pay is $4.00 for the transaction. Easy. The minimum amount is $10 & I think the max you can buy for each reload card is $500. So far I know Walgreens & 711 carry them. slave goes to one of those stores & purchases the tribute & then will send Me the code number on the card, simple. For live sessions I will continue to accept cash only.
I love My smoke fetishists
Auctions~ Im not sure how this will go but Im selling worn items. I have already started packing & am looking forward to moving soon so I want to get rid of the old stuff I have! Lucky bastards, Im going to be posting in a day or two some stockings, worn lingerie, stinky sneakers & heels -  Im even letting go of the first pair of heels I ever bought!!! I just really am so ready to let go of some items I know you pervs would enjoy more than I currently am. If you are a slave or pet & buy an item I will also include a picture of Myself with or wearing the item & perhaps be giving some assignments using those auction items so keep posted!
The other day driving by downtown LA
Ive been bouncing back & fourth between LA & OC as usual but was busy doing lots of other things... I should have a regular schedule after the 4th of July. Im working on shooting some stuff to tease My distance slaves & lurkers.. But am always ready to play with My rad play partners when they find time to sneak off for some play time. Ive been keeping tabs on some kinksters on NiteFlirt so that continues to be fun.

Just wanted to drop a note & let you pets know whats new & how to serve Me better, help get rid of My shit & lets play ;)

xoxo Stay kinky