Sunday, December 25, 2011

Miss me..

Miss me pets,
Ill be gone this week but back in January.
To serve me in my absence please send Amazon gift cards to my email address & I promise to use it to buy more kink toys to play with and use on you when I get back!!!
Rad Iron Fist Duffel bag from a pet, Definitely gonna get lots of use.
Perhaps my new Kink Bag?
I got some sweet thoughtful gifts from a few of my most devoted play partners :) Thank you!! I appreciate everything I was sent! One guy who has never served me even sent me some thick soft socks he wants me to stink up and wear for him when I get back to session with him in LA- see- thoughtful ;p

New toy:

Zipper style flogger set for true masochists
Handmade by Saint Leather.

January plans:
Ill be in Vegas likely for NYE & back not sure when. Haven't decided if I will offer sessions while there since I'm going to visit a few special people. If you're in Vegas & want a session email me & prove you are sincere~ I just might allow you to serve me while I'm there.

Mistrix is coming back to play!!! She will be here a few days JANUARY 17-22!!! She is so much fun I am beyond excited to play with her again & just have her in town!! We will be all over LA & Anaheim so make requests to serve early. To request sessions with Mistrix go to her website. To schedule a double Domina session contact either of Us.

I will not be answering calls or voice mails this week, sorry. Please TEXT or EMAIL me instead if you'd like to get on my calendar & I will require new pets to deposit as usual. Read this blog on protocol to book Fetish & BDSM sessions with me.

Thanks for all the fun Ive had with you so far, looking forward to more kinky times!