Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekly update...

Legal weed is gooood...
This week has been all over the page. I spent the weekend in LA which I don't tend to do too often.. I had a few sessions so I decided to stay and mingle with LA friends and pets. Thought I would add this blog update with less words & more pics... hope you enjoy...
Snapped right before some naked twister...
Mistress Justine & I played with one of her perverted kinksters this week. I watched while they played naked twister then he watched while We played.. I liked being the spinner while they played more lol because I kept the crop handy to correct the kinkster if he lagged on making his move etc. TWISTER DOMINATION~ I take the game serious ;p heh... I think dressing for pleasure is much more fun than being naked usually so I kept on my favorite stockings attached to an under bust corset with garters.. Cant wait to play that again, good workout!
Hanging out on the bondage table...
I got to hang with one of My favorite Dolls this weekend too, Emily Marilyn. Ive known Her for about 5 years or so.. We met at an adult convention, I made a straight bee line the second I saw Her. We've kept in touch mainly through the music scene, watching concerts together & attending Her boyfriends bands shows. I get asked often is She is available to do Double Domination or Fetish sessions & the answer is yes. We've played before for fun but not in a private dungeon setting.. yet.
My highlight of the evening was having Her and My sweet pet in a little Hussy sandwich on the dance floor
Squeezing his ass & biting Her on the neck while pulling Her hair <3
I'm so spoiled, I love getting what I want..
I want more though, Ill have to get these two together more often
-THAT would make My hussy heart so happy ;)

A body made for latex..
Cant wait to train my pet to be the best pony with these new heels..
Who needs spurs with heels like these?
Been wanting to train a pony since I heard one mans kink / obsession with it..
Mistrix is in CA~ Were booking sessions for Friday & Saturday
(& possibly Sunday morning) in Our Anaheim hotel suite.
Email to request time in Our schedule, Doubles or Single Domination avail.

Kink bag:
I got soooo many pantyhose & stockings, again! lol (I got a pair specifically for my oc role play guy too!)
There is a sound on its way to me! I love using the sound on some of my slutty subs but now Ill have one in my kink bag instead of at the dungeon! Means its cleaner, less used & only I get to decide who is worthy of such a treat..
Ive been pretty impressed by My new pet so I bought a treat just for him that nobody else gets! See, I reward My pets IF they deserve it. [and if it benefits Me by offering even deeper submission with its use ;) ]
Gag! I only recently got into gagging my subs.. say aaaaah....

Ok enough.. READ this before requesting a session with me: HERE

Get over here you slutty subbies... xoxoxo