Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun week

I enjoyed myself this week thanks to a few perverted minds...
Had lunch on the beach..
Snapped a few pix for you..
Size 6.5-7 feet
I met a few new play partners this week & really enjoyed playing with them! Usually I'm on top of my foot game, I keep em pedicured, polished & moisturized with scented lotions at all times! When I got this request from a foot guy who wanted STINKY FEET I was intrigued lol I hadn't planned on seeing him while I was up in LA because he didn't give me enough notice but we agreed on a time to meet and it was on! He was the last pet of the day & I had been sessioning all day and was up from OC in the morning to LA in the afternoon to play, my toes were dirty & had smelled like feet... He showed up (wanting mild degradation) so I immediately told him take of his fucking clothes! Hurry the fuck up idiot! Quit checking yourself out in the mirror at lay at my feet, dumb ass!!! I had fun being a bitch to him even though he was SO HANDSOME! Smothering his face and toned tanned body with my dirty feet was fun :) NEXT TIME--- I'm getting more notice so Ill be able to stink up my feet at the gym with tennis shoes and socks! Cant wait to see him under my soles again!
Heels gifted from my fav cross dressing slut ;)
 I love meeting perverted people. I love during first session when they're telling me what their fantasy is.. its like confession time lol The best thing about my regular play pets is that there is a higher level of trust and willingness to push limits which makes the session a much more memorable experience in my opinion.
When I meet a session virgin its kind of a trial run to see what you're made of, I tend to side with the "less is more" approach when playing with a new submissive simply because I need to know what their comfort zone is so then I can can inspire the desire for them to want to push right through it. I love driving my guys wild with desire and sending them home lusting for me for days!

My favorite role playing pervert came back for a visit! We played Teacher & student ;) from being my student & doing a bit of show and tell.. to being my Teachers assistant after class.. I got to do whatever I wanted to that cock of his, he is such a fun creative pervert! We needed to see if his cock was extra credit worthy so I bound his wrists above his head and played with his cock- I mean tested his cock ;p I used pinwheels on his most sensitive skin, vampire gloves on his sensitive areas also~ I even whipped out my e-stim kit for a few minutes too. Yes, he gets EXTRA credit for making me cream my panties during session :) I even thought of him while I placed my most recent stockings order.. *added note, Ive been daydreaming about playing as his "secretary" lol oops, is that the submissive in me trying to sneak out again?! ;)

O! I lost a pet this week. I was sad at first because he was a sweet guy. Then I got mad. After his session with me he chatted up every Domme in so cal. We talked often and maybe that was my bad because he finally admitted he hadn't been back for another session because he "wasn't comfortable paying me to spend time with him".......... HELLO! THIS IS WHAT I DO! GET OVER YOURSELF! Have fun spending the next few years waiting for "the one", I could have been here to entertain you till she comes along.. 

& that my pets, is why I LOVE CUCKBOIS! They like to see me happy, they like it even if it means I'm with someone else right in their faces... yes I do offer cuck fantasy sessions.. ;) 

(2yr old pic thought Id throw this in there while I'm talking about cucks)

New treats on their way to me:
Latex stockings & garter set!
Pantyhose galore! (including white ones by special request..)
More leather thigh high boots!
& whatever you guys send me ;)

Wish every week were like this one was!
Read *HERE* for protocol on booking me for sessions in LA or OC!
Keep those kinks coming! xoxo