Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi perverts~ Ive gotten many compliments on My little blog here so thanks to those who read and enjoy. I like to share / brag about the fun shit I get to do to pay bills!

See that? CURLED toes, that's what I do...
Snapped that pic while smothering during a session yesterday with one of My most loyal pets :)

I have a lot of fun while not in session too you know... This week Ive been interested with stuff not so on the surface. I hear some ladies say being a Domme is too hard & then they name stupid reasons that just scream to Me "lazy slut syndrome" lol. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with being a lazy slut, just go do it somewhere else, please!! I'm in the position I am because I'm willing to work for it. Its a great privilege to be grouped with some of the most amazing and talented Women Ive ever met & as someone newer to the scene I intend on continuing to educate myself, participating in classes/events & continuing to grow as a Domme and earn the same respect.

Ive been up to things such as.. Went to the First Friday FemDom party at DragonsGateStudios~ that was fun but I was in a weird mood so I didnt stay as long or play as much as I had at the first FFF party I attended. I did meet some new people there so I had fun. Princess of Pain is so sweet and welcomed Me last month so I knew I wanted to come play more with her. I brought the new toys Ive been mentioning on here for a masochist I met there last month! He got welted and was bleeding afterward but still didnt scream UNKLE! Gonna have to find something more tortorus for him!

I met a really sweet pet this week also! I don't even wanna share on here what that was like because it means so much to me but I do want to brag that I'm really happy I met him. Weve been talking for a few weeks & I met him because he has such a sincere heart and came off completely different than any other sub or service pet Ive ever come in contact with. Went to My first munch with him! Its nice to meet people who are in the same boat, until recently Ive always been made to feel like an outsider by people or "friends" who just didn't "get" it. We went to play at the Lair this weekend too, I know I'll never forget that experience. I didnt end up getting home until about 4am :) We had fun.. 

Its nice to feel free to be who I am,
no judgements
 feels like what you subs must feel like when you come to session with Me.
Bound CBP? lol~ Sound, vibrator, E-stim, pinwheel action
Loyal pets get preferential treatment ;)

Dont miss it this month kinksters, Mistrix is in town. She is by far my favorite Domme & Im extatic that I get to spend some time with her (& likely learn more new tricks)! I kind of get to hog her, usually she stays with Fetish Jade but since were attending the NAMM convention were staying in an Anaheim hotel by Ourselves for a few nights! Partyyyyy ;) Book your double Domme sessions now otherwise we might not be able to get to you!

Kink bag:
you guys need to send me stuff lol
I keep buying toys with the deposits I get sent to me for booking sessions and now I have exactly $0.00 on my account.
Which also means that you perverts need to book sessions with me.
Do it. xoxoxo

To book sessions read this blog: HERE