Monday, January 23, 2012

Hussy Update..

I know you kinky fucks are lurking, (& I like it..) 
thought Id give you a quick blog update before the week gets busy...

What have I been up to?.. Ill work My way backwards...
Spent the day relaxing with my puppies, doing laundry & getting organized
perfect day for that since it was raining all day long...
LOVE thigh high boots, these were gifted from a sweet pet.
I got home at about 1 or 2am after driving back from LA. The bi-monthly Domme Dinner was last night hosted by Mistrix. There was so much yummy food! All made by Mistrix!!! I missed the first course because I was having fun Hussy play time with Siren Savannah for Ashes Wednesdays camera :) (Ill get back to that later) Mistrix cooked a yummy 6 course dinner. Chicken pot pie is prob My favorite, the 7 fruits pie was My favorite desert :) The Doll is such an iron chef in the kitchen! Next Domme Dinner is in March. We are also trying to plan a trip to San Francisco & Vegas in March before or after Mistrix comes back to LA so any of you generous kinksters out there want to make it a little easier on Us that would be lovely!
After dinner I watched Mistrix spank flog & whip a couple subbie girls at the dungeon.
Mistrix & I spent the weekend in Anaheim courtesy of one of Her generous slaves. We attended the NAMM convention.. To be honest I spent a total of about 30-45 minutes actually in the convention but I do enjoy spending time around artsy / creative people. One of My favorite things to do is go to concerts but I don't really know much about instruments or equipment so I was a little out of My element lol.. We did squeeze in a few sessions. I met a sweet cute boy from Germany :) He sent boots & tribute, then we met on cam in the hotel room, it was fun. Hopefully our schedules can coordinate so we can meet again I enjoyed meeting him. I loved the boots he picked, cant wait to get those on my legs & cam with him lol
I had My pet by My side for the weekend too, hes a good boy.. Why does he get to be My pet? Wouldn't you like to know... ;p 
the pet & I at Newport Beach.
Ok back to My Ashes Wednesday rant I wanted to brag about. Have you seen Ashes' work? Go HERE to check out some of his videos.. Go HERE to his website.. Hes brilliant. The man has such talent & a creative originality about him, I feel so lucky to be one of the Ladies he shot. I hope he loves Me because I'm gonna bug him to shoot Me all the time. Which means Ill have good pictures & possibly some short videos soon, with face showing! I have dated too many vanilla guys who made me feel like being kinky was bad.. Who ever doesn't like the kink in Me can suck My gorgeous silver sparkly cock! :) 
Mistress & Switch Siren Savannah is such a doll too, made the shoot sooooo easy lol I totally kept demanding free play during the shoot, could you blame Me? Shes such a sweetheart with a hot body, all the boys get addicted to Her instantly, Shes rad!

Ashes Wednesday, hes handsome huh.
Book him for photo & video shoots

Sexy Switch Savannah
Fetish & Domination Sessions  
Kink buys:
(I have a shopping addiction.. no joke I was distracted a few times while typing this because I thought of something I want..)
Guys send amazon gift cards to My email address, that's where I shop for almost all My toys.
I bought a gorgeous latex corset this week, should be here tomorrow!
I bought a few CBT devices! (watched a few CBT videos & laughed My ass off & immediately went shopping for torture devices!) Ill update when I get them..
Lets play xoxo