Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I love what I do,
Its the most fun way Ive ever paid My bills & life's pretty good..

Tanning in the backyard this week...
I typed up this long rant about all the bullshit I have to put up with on a daily basis and it felt good to get it out.. but I have fun & I don't want any of My sweet, fun. generous, creative pets to think this has anything to do with them. You gotta take the good with the bad, right. How else would I have been found by the most fun & sweet play partners?!?!

Boots from a sweet generous pet living in Germany, Thanks ;)
I guess My biggest hope is that I'm too distracted having fun with REAL, SERIOUS kinksters to be bothered by the fake time wasters! Keep Me busy, pets. Even if you cant session with Me, perhaps you can send tribute. Everyone can afford $20 a week, right.. you know I love shopping lol, gift cards to Amazon, Victoria's Secret, or other online shops would definitely keep Me happy :)
New lingerie arrived today..
I am looking for a Financial Slave.
I need a latex sponsor.
I need a leather sponsor.
Theres gotta be a generous pet or two out there wanting to make My life a little easier financially who probably wont even feel the pinch (unless you'd like to lol) & No, this doesn't mean you get free play or sex from Me. Supporting Me financially must be your kink.

Kink bag:
  • straight jacket arrived today..
  • electric fly swatter, for cbt or just to fuck with you..
  • dog shock collar, not for puppies, for your cock & balls lol, cbt
  • more electrodes, for electric stimulation
Read This blog for protocol and how to book Fetish & Domination sessions with Me: HERE

Lets play xoxo