Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hogspy internet troll

After reading a note from Miss Julie about how hogspy wouldn't link to My website in an article about Me & how he insulted the quality of & image that She was submitting I was done. I couldn't sit quietly one more time... So I tweeted.
I admit, I poked fun at him being so upset in his response to My tweets. Its JUST twitter dude. I also tried to ask him many times in the course of our emails for him to tell Me exactly WHAT I said that he thinks is a lie, I even offered to retract & remove it if he could point it out to Me & these are the responses I got.
When he threatened Us We decided to jointly make a blog post about it which Miss Julie posted HERE & instead of pointing out when or how We were inaccurate he decided to continuously make threats to us because We refused to delete our posts.
I told him he needs to calm down..
I again ask to specify what I lied about but he couldn't find anything since We are both honest & have no reason to lie.
I replied "lol"
I again ask to point out what lie & even offered to remove & retract it but he insisted to continue threatening to publish lies about Me.
So yah. Don't feed the internet trolls!