Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dominican Domination 2013 DommeTrips

DommeTrips 2013 was such a fantastic 9 days, cant wait till next year!
I have to admit, I really love My life
The view from My villa, just steps away from the ocean. I did reserve this one for next year already, I enjoyed it very much. All I have to do is decide who Im bringing.. A slave?.. A friend?.. A human sex toy? Decisions decisions..
When My slave was unable to attend DommeTrips with Me I thought MsKitsch of was the best person to bring. I was right, as usual ;) Thanks to MrKitsch for letting Me smuggle her to FemDom Island for 9 days. Thanks to slaveforSheri for booking the trip & thanks to Sherispaulina for flying Us to paradise! I am already looking forward to next year. Just a note- single boys can & do book themselves a trip & serve many Ladies while there. Goddess Phoenix is now offering training at an additional cost for boys to be trained as a submissive slave & I really love what Shes doing. I will not decide who Im bringing next year until after July or so- if you have any desire to escort Me there in order to be in service to Me you had better be ready to EARN the opportunity, I love being served but not just any slave will do. Good luck.
 Dominican Domination is unlike any other kink trip. Theme days to dress up for every night, poolside S&m play, floating in the pool all day & refining My singletail skills- this is the life. Slave g was awesome, I absolutely loved him fetching drinks all day only to get his skin busted open by Me nearly every night all week. What a good sport! Im so glad he was as happy to be My main target all week as I was!
A view of one of the latex swimsuits I had made special for this trip. Don't you just love functional zippers? I do.
 My martini dress for the Eat Me Drink Me theme day, loved this dress!
Another swimsuit view 
What do Wwe do all day? Float in the pool, with cold drinks, socialize & admire all the sexy ladies in sight. What do Wwe do all night? Play, have slaves amuse Us, enjoy the Jacuzzi & socialize. DommeTrips spoils Uus all.
Got My boobs nice & tanned at the pool! Thanks to Abigail Greydanus for always coming up with the best looks for My curves, I really cannot say enough good things about her talent, creativeness & how pleasant she is to work with! I send her so many emails when were planning a big week of outfits like this & I always wonder if other latex fetishists get that way too. Im fortunate that My slaves understand how excited & happy it makes Me to get one of a kind custom pieces from her & often too :) thanks pervs! (by the way Im already considering New Years Eve dresses as well as Valentines day dresses *hint) 
This was the Little Red Riding Hood dress I had made, a slave also wore the latex wolf hood I had made for the fucked up fairytale theme day!
 I love a good theme day. Dressing up in latex always does it for Me. Its crazy how I know itll never be enough, there wont ever come a day where I feel like I don't want new latex. I have some fantastic gorgeous pieces which I love & will always love but the feeling of something shiny & new gets Me every time. I love parties where other rubber fetishists dress up & go all out. It was great to see what everyone else was wearing each day & night.
 Whos afraid of the big bad wolf?! Not Me.
This was for the "shine" theme day, catsuit clad! MsKitsch loves her Fantastic Rubber catsuit, Ive never tried them but I hear great things about their prodcts. Im wearing My new House of Harlot catsuit!
This was Halloween, My Military Dress & Miss Kitschs Kitty costurme!
Pretty awesome performance, Mistress Absolute being a devious Hooters Girl 
One of the highlights of each evening were the amazing performances. Mistress Nicolette did a few fantastic performances involving bondage & fireplay. Mistress Absolute did some awesome kinky performances, Tigger fucking pooh, Hooters Girl, and another where She wore the cutest latex shark costume. Jewel Marceau did a hilarious but extremely sexy zombie belly dancer performance. These ladies are such a blast to be around! 
Goddess Phoenix finishing off My favorite masochist.  All those marks on his back is from using each of My single tails on him that night. Joy!! Aww and he still had those pink clothespins on his junk, fun times.
Last day in Dominican 
There was no theme this last night so I went with My usual- thigh high boots, thigh high stockings & a corset. Im auctioning off these stockings CLICK HERE  
The bartender fell in love, thought Id be nice & take a picture with him, especially after he let Me spank him a bit ;) 
He is begging for a kidnapping practically.. 
We painted a rock to go find when We return next year. How appropriate, slave gregs name is black, blue & dripping blood.
For old times sake, the popular Tiger Dress I wore last year during DommeTrips
youre welcome
Next trips are Vegas, Amsterdam for the Wasteland party & London to celebrate New Years Eve. Get in touch via My website if you would like consideration to serve Me.