Monday, October 31, 2011

Long weekend...

Friday night was fun mostly because Emily Marilyn was a lubed up latex doll & all the attention she was getting. I don't need to be in the spotlight & am actually pretty low key.. there is no low key though when you are hanging with the hottest latex model in thigh high boots -complete with latex hood and gloves. We are available for double Domme sessions, Emily is not a sub. We were at the Grove of Anaheim watching one of my favorite bands play, Tiger Army. I try to make it to all their shows so next time if you wanna lurk around and try to find me at least let me know ;p

Sunday was the cherry on top of an already fun weekend.. I got to play with a new handsome (slutty) pet! It was our first session so I was pretty excited and open for whatever kinks I would get into over the next two hours.. Little did I know how enjoyable playing with this new pet would be! Hes got great taste and gifted me some HOT thigh high leather boots (umph!), some gorgeous sparkly high heels, also some super cute black leather gloves and to top it off also gave me a gift card to Victoria's Secret! I'm definitely going to take it to the mall and buy something really slutty and hot to wear for him next time. Dressing for pleasure is so enjoyable & I've said it before but Ill say it again, guys miss out on some serious dressing-up fun. I completely understand if a guy was curious about dressing up in soft satin panties, gorgeous sheer pantyhose, slutty skirts, corset tops, high heels and boots.. And that's just what we did!!! I wont go into too much detail but lets just say I was in heaven. It was like we were just two hussies getting ready for a night out. Got to dress my little tramp up in some gorgeous knee high boots during session, got my pet to do some things only slutty girls do ;p mixed with some pain for my new submissive and some pleasure & we've got ourselves some real fun hussy time which I am allllways up for! I cant wait till he comes back to play, Ive got some more fun ideas for us next time!!!
****Ill definitely have to add pictures of those gifts, they are so pretty!!!!****
Ive been pretty busy so I'm taking off Monday for Halloween- its my favorite holiday of the year. I'm going to the Danzig show! Right around the corner is my birthday too! Yay! :D Its November 22! Ill be celebrating all month lol Starting with a Vegas trip with MistrixE from November 8th-11th. Ill be up to hussy activities, photo shoots & available to book for fetish sessions in Vegas- just email me your request.

When we get back to LA on the 12th of November we will be available to book double sessions till the 16th so feel free to email or call with session requests because the calendar will fill up! We can do double Domme sessions, or you can watch her dominate me, she is one of the few I will sub for so this is your chance to witness.. As always I will be available for 1 on 1 sessions as well. Come play with me, lets have some fun.

Thanks pets for being so good to me. I appreciate you very much :) xoxo