Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Do I Like To Play?..

Although I truly enjoy exploring new kinks I do have preference to a certain few delights in the world of fetish play. There is nothing like the thrill of trying something new or meeting a new sub or Dom, but pushing the limits & seeing just what you're made of will always remain my priority.. Here is a list of some sessions I enjoy with my pets..

Smothering specialist~ no Queening going on here, you are not worthy. I love breath play & begging during these scenes. Worship~ In some scenes my pets become obsessed with my body parts.. my ass, my tits, my hair. If you would like to worship my massage, kissing, sucking, rubbing oil or lotion on me then I would love to see you. Part of being your Goddess is allowing my pets servants and slaves to sit at my feet and beg to worship me.. Electric stimulation~ I have a nice e-stim kit waiting for the braver kinksters. Includes electrodes. Sound play. Shock collars on sensitive areas.  Ballbusting / CBT~ The devices and options to torture you are endless & I LOVE to make you squeal and wiggle with pain. Cuck scenes~ These tend to be extended sessions. You can take me to shop and get ready for a date. You can watch me get ready for my stud. Drinks and dinner can be on you.. Then afterwards I can show you why your pathetic manhood could never satisfy me. Or perhaps you'd just like to watch and lust while wishing to satisfy me.. (Ask for session rates, they differ depending upon how detailed you'd like to get) Role Play Pro~ Nurses Uniform just ordered for all you medical play lovers! I got a sexy schoolgirl uniform too that you'll just looove (After school detention?) Military bitch uniform for you slaves and pets that need painful punishment. I am very open to almost all roleplay scenarios, if you have a creative suggestion don't be shy, I dont judge & only seek to satisfy. Humiliation~ I do enjoy fucking with your head. It can be verbal or physical depending upon what you deserve..  Feet/leg/pantyhose worship~ my soft skin will thrill you, small size 7 feet perfect to pamper and worship.. I have a love (more like obsession) for high heels and boots, pantyhose and thigh high stockings so I love having my feet and heels adored.. I even have a large sock collection from ankle socks to knee high socks & argyle style.. Worn socks heels and pantyhose available with donation, just shoot me an email with your requests. Trample~ Feet or pain enthusiasts will enjoy being beneath My feet.. Bondage babe~ Getting creative with bondage is a ton of fun for me & I have many different ways to take any control you think you might have all while teasing you for my pleasure.. Plastic wrap, rope or other creative ways are always possible.. Tie & Tease~ goes along with bondage Chastity~ I love knowing that my guys can only be free if they please me. Keyholding gives me such power over your cock that you will be forced to constantly contemplate the next time I unleash you.. Long term for a monthly fee or short term while we are in session.. Flogging~ Pleasure is pain.. right.. I have many tools to whip flog & force you into submission OTK/Corporal Punishment~ Pick your poison pain slave, canes, crops, bare handed SPANKINGS!.. Wax~ its like arts and crafts time to me *wink* I love to watch you squeel and squirm in extasy with every drop I spill on you Sissification~ Want to spend time as one of the girls? I love sissy boys!! I can dress you up, we can go shopping, do makeup and hair. Also offer sissy slut training for those who wanna know how to really please and tease a man ;) or just enjoy the thrill of pleasing me with what a good slut you will be for me. I  love dressing up boys and making them do slutty things for Me Sensory deprivation~ The play space I use in OC has plenty of custom furniture which is perfect for sensory deprivation.  Abduction & abandonment~ be my victim... Showers~ Ill mark my territory, on your face, on your body, just pick & Ill own you this way. Rates go up depending upon what type of shower youd like & I need 24 hours notice for brown showers. Roman ruby and brown showers always require advance booking. Shower rates go up from the normal session rate, just ask. Nipple Torture~ Some of  you are extra sensitive and I love exploiting that for My viewing pleasure, clamps, vibrators, and other devises will be used Tickle Torture~ I'm VERY ticklish!! VERY! I love to use you for my pleasure, make me laugh for an hour and you will most likely win favor from me. I enjoy very much tickling My helpless victims usually when I get them tied up and extra vulnerable Smoking~ come be my human ashtray... perhaps you'd like a little cbt while you watch me smoke, I love watching a big strong man squirm at the thought of what I will do next + many more fetish play options... If I haven't listed your kink, ask.

I require manners.
Do not ask for anything illegal.
I'll push you to your limit if you respect my rules.

You may email me to request a session.
No endless emails, Ill block you if you waste my time. 

E-mail your request:
Introduce yourself like a gentleman.
How do you like to play?
Day and time you would like to request time with me.
Tribute me to prove you are sincere, I will then make room in my schedule for you.

I require a higher tribute for sub / switch sessions
That is IF I decide to sub or switch, its rare but possible if you approach respectfully.

Extended sessions are available, just ask.
Double, triple & more Dom/sub/Switches available for multiple girl sessions in Los Angeles & OC, just ask.
Feel free to bring props or tools you would like, I may use them if I decide to do so.

Do not email me saying _____ is your kink and you would like to talk more about it unless you tribute me by sending gift cards to my email account with your request for more attention. I will gladly shower you with attention if you prove you are worthy of my time. Time is money, pets.

For those requesting distance training..
I am available for cam or phone sessions  but only if you follow the same procedure to book any other session with me.. Contact Me at for phone and cam sessions. 
Send an email to me, or buy My cam ID on to prove you are sincere and then contact Me.
Financial Domination, Blackmail are possible.

You can send gift cards to my email Sheri.Darling13 at 
I also have an amazon wishlist shop for me. Ill wear what you buy for pics or video requests or use them in a session..

Get Creative & Book Your Play Session NOW, Pets.