Friday, November 4, 2022

Fall / Birthday wishlist update

 Hello fans and lurkers ;)

I have been doing great, thanks for always coming back to check in on Me!

Lets catch you up on what I have been up to since the last update!

Had to show off this incredible new custom latex costume I had made! More on that later. 
This photo set can be found on My fan pages.
Thank you, slaves, for being so good to Me. I have had a challenging year personally but professionally it has been a great year full of loyal slaves dedicated to seeing Me happy. I feel incredibly fortunate and thankful for all of you who work so hard to put a smile on My face. I keep My circle small, and I know it's been the best thing for Me. I love going deeper with each of My playthings and knowing they see Me as their Mistress and an important part of their lives is exactly the kind of relationships that I want to continue to build on. Thank you, slaves!
Me at a Raiders game courtesy of My slave.
I have had a really nice balance of work and play. I am glad that I stopped putting pressure on Myself to work hard all the time and instead make self-care a priority. I had been working straight through the rona scam and then I had a pretty wild health issue come up towards the beginning of the year which slowed Me way down. I still have some residual symptoms from it. I hope to continue to improve but I can't express enough how important it is for Me to feel like My slaves aren't just depleting My energy but also feeding it as well. I'll continue to detox and to help Myself holistically any way that I can. It's also fun teaching My slaves how to help themselves feel better too when they're down. 
Post session selfie
Keeping My circle small has been such a great way for Me to get deeper into My slaves heads. Seeing them consistently makes Me so happy. It feels like I have a group of guys who truly very regularly worship Me, not just need a top and then leave for months on end. Seeing them fall deeper and deeper for Me always makes Me grin, even just thinking about them. 
Photoset on My fan pages.
I have a long list of people who would like to meet Me so maybe one day Ill finally get through it. The best way to achieve that for a slave would be consistent flattery. No amount of gifts or emails asking "when" will get you to My feet. The gifts without the relationship sometimes feel like guys think they can bribe Me into meeting them but that's not true. 
Locktober was fun. Its always funny knowing you guys want so badly to be teased and denied.. but most of you don't last very long lol and then you're begging for release. Its all fun to Me, I'm not disappointed at all. In fact, I love that you guys beg to be teased until you cant resist release. I love being a keyholder, its always fun toying with you. 
My birthday is coming up and all the good boys want to know what Id like!

Birthday Wishlist:
Send libidex gift cards? If you do before 11/7 some of the things Id like to send Myself are 20% off.
Here is a list of stuff Id love to own from there in order of priority just to give you the idea of pricing:
Two bodysuits Id like are $175 each (with 20% off)
Corset $291
2 different corsets $238
Dress $227
Cuff set $156
Collar $142
Arm binder $199

Id also love more custom latex by Abigail Greydanus. She made Me some great panties with My name on the ass for about $100. I love everything she has made for Me & could easily spend a thousand bucks on a new look lol My latex fetish is a bottomless pit <3

Sauna 1yr membership is only $999 *before 11/14* They accept cash which would be preferable. I spent a great deal of 2022 trying to detox and the sauna helps with that process a lot. Also, I won't freeze this winter in Vegas.

Gym membership passes to My fav oc gym I spent $2600 there in 2022. I can put your CC# into My online ap and you can pay as I go, or you can bring cash towards My account. :) I do spend a lot of money at the gym I go to in Vegas but not nearly as much as I do in OC where My friends are. 

Lululemon Gift cards. I spend a lot of time working out and some of My stuff doesnt fit as well as it once did now that Ive slimmed down. 

Rare plants. I like to shop at a place here in Huntington Beach & I would love for you to take Me on a shopping spree there after a session. I keep My plants in Vegas because its easier not to have them crowding the dungeon or have gnats sometimes flying around.

I update My amazon wish list pretty regularly so if you'd like to send something small from there, I would be happy and appreciative to receive it :)

Thank you for wanting to make My birthday special.

Last peek at My custom latex Halloween costume I had Abigail Greydanus make for Me. The rest of the photos can be found on My fan sites.

I had a great time at the Las Vegas Halloween Ball, formerly known as the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball. I was invited by the great people who ran the OC dungeon that shut down 6 or 7 years ago. They run the dungeon stage show every year for this event and I was incredibly excited to get to see them again! Just seeing their dungeon furniture took Me back down memory lane. I met a ton of new people and had fun playing with them on stage. It had been suchhh a long time since I had been to a party where I was able to meet new people and play with them. The downside is I felt like a 100% pro top and not like their Mistress or like any of them actually cared about Me or if any of it was making Me happy. But I did sign up for that and I did have a great time anyway. Especially being some of their first experience with BDSM and playing. I will be back again next year for more. 

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