Thursday, September 1, 2022

Summertime Sheri Update

 Hello Gooners, fans and former friends :)

Im still doing extremely well, thanks for checking in on Me!

Lets catch you up! Ive spent a lot of time smoking by the pool in Las Vegas where its now been a year of Me splitting My time between LV and HB! Time flew! Im loving both places more than ever. I think its given Me such a great balance that I had wanted for a long time. Glad I finally have it. It feels great to be able to make My dreams come true one slave at a time- whether its irl or virtually. 
In addition to feeling great I know that Im looking the best Ive ever looked physically. Im now into the 12 week of detoxing and I couldn't suggest it enough- and I usually do now. In addition to having Me control your mind and your cock Im now super happy when I can impact My slaves on a health level now by sharing what Ive been learning and applying to My own life.

I still love to have fun though. Photo from a slave date at a cigar bar in July. I love going to cigar bars & would like to visit them all. Being a health nut just means that Im more discipline than the normal human, but I think that goes with the territory. Ive always strived to become a better person. Physically. Mentally. Professionally. Im proud of who I am today, and I love Myself so damn much more every day that passes. Being this way tends to attract all sorts of people. From the kind who want to be energy vampires to the kind who see My shine and want to congratulate Me and be part of My life. Im very selective with who I share My energy with. Especccccccially after the rona scamdemic. Fortunately, I have good intuition about people and have met a lot of really cool subs lately. Happy.
Ive been enjoying a lot of reading time lately. I pick reading over tv time most days now. I added a bunch of books to My wishlist. One main topic I picked is Lucid Dreaming. The other being health. Lucid Dreaming was a topic My 11yo niece brought up so now Im trying to read books to approve and pass on to her. Shes an incredible little human and Im so fortunate to see her grow up. Next Im learning how to skate so that I can take her out to cool places and enjoy exploring fun places to practice with her. Just sharing a little of what I do outside of the dungeon because I do get asked a lot. I love being with My family and dogs.

I also have taken on a big interest in allowing slaves to take Me on dates, from day dates like snacks and drinks to actual dates after a session. I love being around classy men with good taste and having them treat Me well with reservations at fine dining or even just different activities. This was a day date with someone who wanted to play, so was actually the interview place I picked so I could see his demeanor, manners and hear what he really wanted to tell Me.  
Photo from a new favorite place, the sauna. I honestly went through some crazy health bs during May-July of this year. I thought I was going to die but I found out its a very common feeling in people who have health anxiety which I do. It felt like the same thing I had experienced before, when I came back from Costa Rica sick and couldn't get better for 6 months, was happening again. That is where My health anxiety began, worrying I would never get better or that I would stay sick for a long time again. I got a CT Scan, MRI & did physical therapy. I first wanted My doctor to help figure out what was wrong... but after waiting and literally begging for tests I decided to help Myself instead. Thank God I did. I think I would have stayed sick longer if I had waited for him to give Me answers. Thats what got Me into detoxing. Ive realized that working hard isnt always the best for Me even though I love to both in and out of the gym. I needed to be better about self care and about what I know is happening in My body. I found different recourses outside of traditional medicine and Im much happier and healthier now than I think Ive ever been. I know Im not completely immune to it but I do feel like I have control over it somewhat.  I got a massage membership and have tried to stick to getting in the sauna and red light therapy regularly in addition to My detox program. Now look at Me, you have never seen a happier Mistress in Me than today and every day going forward.
So thank you guys for sticking with Me, Especially slaveforSheri, slave j, and of course all of My slaves that I see regularly who I wont mention. you guys make Me feel so happy doing what is My job but its also so much more than that to Me, I know that you know that. One of you Ive been seeing for 11 years now, slave4Sheri has been Mine for over ten years.. Its because you make Me happy that I can be My true self with you and you give back energy that I put out so that I can keep going and not feel like My energy is depleted. Thank you <3
Ive been getting back into the normal routine and trying to be more consistent with it even though I do now prioritize being in balance more. Work hard then self care just as hard and relax is My new way of life. No stress. Just good vibes. I know whats right for Me and I attract it not chase it. 
What's new? New auctions! I used to love doing auctions and I finally found a place to do that again. Getting panties or socks or just sexy lingerie scented for you pervs to worship and adore forever is always fun. I love to see where these items end up and what you guys do with them. Someone who got one of My first auctions still worships them regularly and it tickles Me when he updates Me about spending time thinking of Me and loving My pre-worn stuff. is where you can find My auctions. 
Bid, win, worship - and HuffMyPanties
Beg to worship! Im online regularly even when Im seeing slaves irl. Because I can be picky, I am. So I do have a slight backlog of applicants. Some I am still considering. If I dont want to see you Ill just say so, I leave a lot on the table. Its stuff thats just not for Me. Never been happier to do that! I conserve My energy for the right people and those kinds of people keep showing up in My life. Like attracts like. I love hearing slaves introduce themselves though phone sessions. Phone conversations usually gives Me a great idea of someones likes, dislikes, goals and limits so I can usually gage if we will be a good match. Also seeing them grovel for Me online during cam dates is a big plus, especially for those who want to serve Me from a distance before they can make it to My perfect little feet. I usually take cam dates one or two days a week but only by appointment and one on one, not through a cam room. 
I hope you guys are doing well.
Whats coming up???
Halloween! I got asked to participate in what was known as the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball in Las Vegas! Im very excited. Besides Torture Garden in Las Vegas (which I had a great time at) this is the second kink event Ive been able to enjoy since rona! I hope that if you dont have plans yet you can plan this in. Itll be Saturday October 29th at the Palms. Im sure you can duck duck go it and get a link for tickets :)
Birthday! Its two days before Thanksgiving this year so Ill probably celebrate it the weekend before. I plan on being in My dungeon the week prior so that I can see My favorite people and celebrate a fresh new year ahead of being your latex Goddess. I hope to see you and that you plan Me in!
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