Monday, July 8, 2013

Whats new?

I'm super excited about this week!
I have a few things planned I'm extremely happy about :)
happier than I usually am I should say.
Busy busy Monday, plus I have tons scheduled every day this week after morning ass kicking at Butt School
(new workout routine I'm doing).

I have a fetish for boots, so about half of the shoes I own are boots. High heel, flats, leather, canvas, thigh high, shiny & ankle boots.. I cant get enough. I feel like there's a boot for every occasion, and I'm determined to collect them all! I have a few foot guys who enjoy calling Me on NiteFlirt to hear about My collection of heels & boots. Its so fun describing them, its My kink too so I love being a tease. Oh by the way they could really use a polish..... Anyways, I have one of those perverts coming in to see them all. Its going to be a bitch hauling them to the studio but it'll be soooo worth it having them all worshipped & cleaned. I love being what men crave, I love being what they obsess over. Especially when we share one or a few of My many fetishes.

Another fetish I love indulging in..
I have dedicated a closet in My apartment to being a "cock whore closet". I have a fantasy that a boy will arrive, have his boy clothes locked away & then would have access to the fully stocked cock whore closet. Heels, dresses, toys, accessories, lingerie & a few other goodies are living in there just waiting till a sissy slut comes back.. Although My slave visits, I have a session planned this week that will allow Me to make more good use of it! I plan to take this gurl all over town. From serving Me domestically, to going out for cocktails & then likely ending the night at the dungeon. I plan to turn this hussy into a rope rigged damsel, after she does My chores of course (and possibly during)... Then getting her tipsy & having even more fun- if she is a good gurl. Which I'm sure she will be. I remember the first time we played, I could not keep My hands off her... *memories*
Im having dinner this week with one of My favorite whipping posts ;) Its crazy how times flies. Beating him really allows Me to explore the blood thirsty sadist I am deep inside. I love how he simply loves watching Me as I use all sorts of evil toys on him.. Ive had more dinners with him this year than beat downs, I hope that changes - simply because I hate the way that sounds lol ;) See above picture, a great picture of some artwork I did on him :)

I have a ton of shit planned this week, those being a few of them...
I'm ending the week right with a slut a thon! lol My dungeon is hosting another multi Mistress party where only the best slutty & submissive slaves are Our entertainment. Id love for some of you perverts to come out & be My slut. I don't currently have a main slut on My arm so Ill be harassing all your fuckholes until I'm pleased. Basically its like paying for a session, then you get be used to amuse Us for the entire evening. SLUT, meaning a Mistress will kneel you at the glory hole like you've always dreamed of, perhaps spark the interest of a couple Mistresses & be the star in your very own strapon gangbang, multi Mistress toilet play is possible, as well as endless worship possibilities. Masochists are a plus, be a good boi & make a bee line to Me for punishment & reward that will have your head spinning xo Here is the link, please contact Me if you are interested in attending so I may look out for you!

Im sure a newbie or two will earn a place at My feet this week, I always look forward to firsts with a new play partner almost as much as I enjoy pushing limits with some of My favorite boys.. Cant wait to see all your slutty faces!
Worship from wherever you are:
Let's get kinky!!!