Sunday, July 7, 2013

victims of their own decisions

When someone who profits from this industry wants to play victim of their own decisions it gets Me a little annoyed. Through a few experiences I have quickly learned to be careful about who I associate Myself with..
I was going to explode if I didn't tell this "domme" how I feel, thought Id forward it to you for kicks & to vent without naming her. lol read on..
her post:
What I wrote to her:
I couldn't help but to want to get a few things off My chest after reading what you posted yesterday. I think its great that you found something else to do instead of being a pro Domme because what you wrote made it pretty clear that you didn't enjoy it. "However, I no longer want to be someone’s ‘quick fix’.  I don’t want to exist in the shadows.  I can’t handle the strain that this industry puts on My personal relationships." I think what is most clear here is that YOU couldn't handle the strains that this job sometimes requires. How you feel about your clients & slaves should have been reflected as your own experience I think. The relationships I & many Dommes have with clients & slaves does not leave Us feeling like their quick fix because this lifestyle is actually what you make it. I also think what you wrote makes you seem to be now looking down on ProDommes and also looking down on your clients who have both trusted you with their secrets & experiences. The decisions youre making could have impact on the slaves & clients you have gotten to know. How do you think a boy could feel after finding the courage to see you & then find out youre over it & look down on pay for play subs? Existing in the shadows? These were choices you made & now it seems youre saying youre above them, that We as ProDommes don't actually make these men TRULY happy. Its offensive to Me & Im sure to other ProDommes. We sacrifice a lot as Im sure you know & we work hard to enjoy the lifestyle WE want with good slaves & clients who support Our lifestyle. To have you just shit on Our job title made Me a bit disappointed in you. Good luck with moving on.
her response:
Its true, I couldn't handle the strains of the traditional ProDomme lifestyle. I own that. I'm doing what's necessary to make a change and be honest about my experience. I will not apologize or be shamed for that. This is not about YOU or anyone else in our industry, please refrain from projecting your opinions on me.
If she really felt that way she wouldn't have changed what she said in her blog to this:
I normally wouldn't care, shes on her way out apparently right.. But for her to say those things about ProDommes & about her clients really annoyed Me. To blame the industry for anything & then to keep one foot in the door one foot out is just hilarious. I spotted this fake domme a few months ago when she first came to use the studio I use. She posted in a group and asked about others plans as far as an "exit strategy". Although its always good to have a back up plan I just thought how weird that was. I'm certainly not looking for an exit strategy, Ive got yearrrrrs more in Me & My focus is on mastering My craft, learning & educating Myself in a variety of ways.. Its so strange to Me that she is riding the coat tails of Ladies who actually have skills & respect as her exit strategy. I and other Pro Dommes, other submissives & slaves aren't fooled. Perhaps if you don't want to be someone that a married man calls for a quick fix you should quit offering 30 minute "discovery sessions" don't you think?..
Someone so lost as she seems to be should not be giving advice to others, in My opinion. 

Here is My advice for her:
However, I no longer want to be someone’s ‘quick fix’.
- Don't offer 30 minute sessions, duh.
- People treat you the way you allow them to.
- Build a real relationship with your subs, they don't all need fixing!
I don’t want to exist in the shadows.
- Go be a fucking lifeguard at the beach if you want sunshine, ho.
- Stop playing victim to your decisions.
- My subs who can go in public during the day go out often, we don't hide.
I can’t handle the strain that this industry puts on My personal relationships.
- Stop seeking approval & acceptance in everyone else.
- Go away & quit blaming the industry for your decisions.
- For some of us its not just an industry, its a lifestyle. Bitch.  
I think I feel better now, had to get that out.