Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello pervs,
New latex dress slave M ordered for Me, I love it!
So, as you know by now I blog whenever the fuck I want to blog! Its become a little outlet of Mine lol I know I posted one this week already but I want to tease you even more.. so there you are.. here I am...
Rad photo by Tommy O!
My latex is by Abigail Greydanus
Toe wiggle while in the bath tub..
Look at the rad toe stockings slave sent!!!
So yummy, right!?
I have become quite fond of latex clad massages..
just. saying...
Favorite latex outfit to play in..
Oh I wrote a note to wannabe slaves on My slave blog
*HERE* it is.
you're welcome..
See you sluts soon!
(Dont forget My birthday 11.22, whores)