Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hussy Update Time -Dominican Domination

Hello sluts,
Miss Me while I was away?
This is by far My favorite latex I own..
(I need many more)
you missed Me & its likely because Ive been enjoying the many trips Ive been planning with slave. We hit New York, DomCon Atlanta, Dominican Republic all in October & next up is Las Vegas! Hes a great slave, I wouldnt have it any other way. Dominican Domination was unlike anything Ive ever participated in. It was My & slaves first kink trip & I'm pretty sure I'm going to be attending more like this one, definitely already have My eyes on Dominican Domination in 2013. Gorgeous setting with kinky friendly people, lots to do, mainly relaxing & being served by My slave was what I enjoyed. slave was so good, getting Me breakfast each morning, allowed Me to use him all weekend however I wanted. It was lovely actually, being able to get away with him & have him be of service the entire week. I met other rad Dommes as well, it was nice to spend time just bullshitting with them & being amused by slaves all week. Here's a few photos (you're fucking welcome)
Nice day beds draped with linens along the beach..
slaves eye view of My favorite dress..
All the Villas behind the pool/jacuzzi/bar/main area..
Total Domme Island! What a dream come true.
An image slave shot of Me while there..
the bathing suit Abigail Greydanus made
(She makes all My latex)
Tiger dress was a hit, I love this piece!!!
slave in his slaveforsheri jersey, on his leash, fresh marks "MINE" :)
Ok lets talk business... 
  • Getting back in gear after traveling! Lets play in OC or LA.
  • I have lots of new toys for sensation play as well as masochist treats.
  • Latex pervs'll be just as happy as I am, many new pieces on their way :D
  • My birthday is November 22, feel free to spoil Me :) I'm great at accepting presents.
  • Vegas from the 10th-18th of November, then after that I will be in SoCal for the majority of the remainder of November, December & January. Lets keep each other warm this winter ;D 
Wish lists:

*NEW* 2013 International Travel Dates (so far):
  • February Fri 15th - Torture Garden Valentines Weekend @ TBC
  • Sat 16th - Torture Garden Valentines Ball @ Coronet
  • Likely spending a week in London for this trip.
  • May Fri 17 - Mon 20th - German Fetish Ball Weekend @ Berlin
  • Likely spending a week in Germany for this trip.
  • More travel to be announced, make your request if you'd like Me in your town.
US Travel Dates (so far):
Phone Sessions:
  • I will resume slave training at the end of November when I return from Las Vegas. If you'd like to serve Me, amuse Me, or learn what it takes to become the slave I desire: message Me there (& a tribute would let Me know you are serious).
 Lets Play Soon you Sick Fucks!