Monday, July 30, 2012

My sissy boy / gurl Tasha.

Almost a year ago I got a call from a kind, kinky guy who wanted to see Me.. He showed up with a bunch of large bags which excited Me! What could be in there I wondered.... This was his first time seeing a pro. This was his first time admitting his kink to anybody else.. He had a fantasy about cross dressing. What a great one I think. There is nothing like turning a male into a gorgeous, sexy & sometimes slutty gurl right before My eyes. I get so excited & I don't bother hiding it!
 A few of the Christmas / Birthday gifts from Tasha..
I remember he brought Me gorgeous thigh high boots that I looooove to pieces. I am a bit sentimental & I try to wear them a lot. We put on his sexy pantyhose, a sexy bra, tight mini dress & some high heels! We even did a change & put her in a sexy French maid outfit & let her clean the dungeon while trying to seduce Me ;) What a gorgeous girl! I remember being so pleased at how her attitude & demeanor changed. It was like a new girl was in the room with Me & although shy, she was there to submit to Me. Its beyond flattering when I get this type of play request because I do take it to heart. I remember getting her bound nice & tight to the bondage table.. I suspended each ankle separated & above her head.. RUINED her pantyhose! That's a part I love dragging out ;) Flogged, spanked, paddled & scratched.. I made her feel like My slutty lezbo friend over for a kinky slumber party & had My way with her. This was her first time having a sound used on her so it was extra fun "fucking her slutty virgin pussy" lol.
The boots I was gifted
Each time I see her I feel we go deeper into who she is, what she is like & what she enjoys. Flash forward a year later & she has a name I gave her on 7.26.12. I took months thinking on one that fit her. Shes like a sporty, sassy, sexy but classy gurl who is super fun & very sweet. I surprised her with the wig My evil Mentor Mistrix Ms E gifted Me during DomCon. After the pantyhose, sexy lingerie, ultra sexy boots & the make up was carefully applied we finished her look with the wig which COMPLETELY changed her I think. It was her, the way I had always seen her & knew she was & wanted to be. She is Tasha, My sweet gurl & she will always hold a special place in My kink heart. 
We have these matching heels :)
She gifted them, & has amazing taste!
I get upset for the cd gurls who request rape & torture without having built some sort of trust with Me first. Some gurls dont know their worth & I wish they were more careful.. I guess there is a Domme out there for every persons likes.. I prefer confident gurls who like this type of play & even though we can roleplay that its forced, I love knowing that its a true desire within them that they enjoy & I'm fulfilling, allowing them to live it out with Me..
Here's another blog where I elaborate a bit more on this subject.
I just wanted to share My experience with a very special gurl & document it in My writing because it means a lot to Me.

you're next xoxo