Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sadistic School Girl

Hello pervs
White backseamed stockings
yesterday before session
I am so lazy in bed & will be away from the computer for the majority of the weekend, which I don't really like because emails etc pile up.... I did want to touch base & write a little something. I started this blog writing about encounters with subs & would dish a bit of what it was like in a session with Me.. Ive been having so much fun lately with creative kinky subs & really am enjoying being kept busy. I had a sub write Me for a few months before he came for a session. No, he didn't nag Me daily about what ifs, how about this, I want that or gimme gimme gimme lol. I think its great that subs think & get to know their Domme first. They trust us with their lives basically at some times so I think making sure they're in good hands is a sign of a thoughtful sub who knows his worth.

Some subs aren't worth shit. They go on and on and on about how they "would" serve and how bad they "want to" serve.. but then they're completely incapable of communication which means I cant even deal with them. Ive been lucky enough to have great subs and slaves serve Me on a regular basis so I really don't waste My time with wanking wannabe slaves.
Foot rest..
This sub came in for a bit of cbt & said he likes bondage.. He mentioned something about a schoolgirl fantasy months back & I know some Dommes might not be into it but I LOVE roleplaying. Even if I'm in a pink schoolgirl outfit & white stockings & garters I loooove being able to control a mans mind & cock. Theres almost nothing better. I feel on top of the world when I'm there, I'm happy, I know the sub is happy even through the pain and unexpected sensations. I put him on the wheel & had his limbs separated before I gagged him, nipple clamped him & began stretching his balls while flogging them with a very stingy flogger.. I always let subs in on the secret of why I love ball stretching, I love a mans balls hitting My clit when I make him fuck Me doggystyle. Plain & simple. The bit of pain is nothing once they're stretched & their wives or girlfriends find out the same reason why saggy balls rule! lol
Cock smashing with feet!
The end of the scene which guys don't know is that if I do allow you to cum ~ you're fucking welcome. That means I dig you & don't want to kick you out without one last bit of humiliation. I made this guy cum on a piece of candy (which every schoolgirl always has on her hehehe) & then I promptly popped the candy into his mouth. The end :)

The outfit I wore.

Go wank to that for a while.
If you serve Me go on
& PAY to cum!

Last night I went to a swingers party, so. much. fun.. But a whole other blog ;p
xoxo stay kinky