Sunday, May 20, 2012

DomCon LA

DomCon LA 2012
Latex Photoshoot, Manhattan Beach 5.18.2012

Latex by  & you latex fetishists should buy Me more...
DomCon has been amazing, met so many nice kinksters, lots of rad Dommes & some very sweet well trained slaves. I ran into a few farmilliar faces which was very nice. Im already looking forward to next year & I will be more prepaired! The seminars have been really good, great educators & demonstrations. 

I'm typing this in panties, in bed, at the LAX Hilton...
Im a bit tired & dont have the proper time at the moment to share with you a few things I feel like bragging about but wanted to share with My pets a couple of photos to tease you until I find more time.

In the meantime, send gifts from My wishlist ;)