Thursday, April 5, 2012

Daydreaming of sissy boys..

4.5.12 Im sitting here daydreaming about all the sweet crossdressing boys I have met this last year & wanted to suggest something I think we would both love... I have seen Dita Von Teese a few times in the last few years & Im sure you will agree that she is such an inspirational Woman, I could go on forever about how amazing her shows are.. She is going to be in LA during May & I think we should go...
I was thinking this would be a great opportunity  for an extended night out type of session with a crossdresser who would be willing to venture into public. Ditas show has to be the one place that this is encouraged right.. & I think that it could be great fun for a boy who dreams of allowing the gorgeous girl within come out and play...
Miss Sheri meeting Dita Von Teese in Vegas 2010 
A hotel suite to primp and prep & play a bit at would be lovely but we could hit the dungeon as a substitute..
Tickets, preferably VIP so we could sit & sip on cocktails..
For one of My favorite cross dressing boys I already know & trust: I would be willing to negotiate a special tribute rate for you.

Ok I just wanted to rattle that thought off.. No pressure, you can always simply gift Dita tickets too ;) I hope all My sweet pets & perverts are well.

Wow this blog post gets a lot of traffic! I thought I should elaborate on the other thoughts I tend to get asked from gurls after reading this. Yes, I do offer these type of sessions in a dungeon setting. They can be for an hour, which is way to quick for My taste, or very elaborate sessions that last for hours together. I prefer you gurls to bring your sexy outfits, pantyhose, heels especially because you cant squeeze into Mine lol, & accessories etc. I understand that many of you are completely new & don't have those items, I can & will provide some for a first session.. I love this type of play, it is something I hold close to My kink heart & do not take lightly when a boy comes to Me with this request.. 
I do feel like the transformation is special & different for each CD or girl. Depending upon the goal this can range from simple articles of clothing & mannerisms but for others this can be very detailed down to nail polish color, type of pantyhose or stockings preferred, wigs, makeup, lingerie, & the final layer of clothing. Are you My new sissy maid? Are you My slutty new lezbo bimbo girlfriend? Perhaps you're a new tg & want to explore your deviant side & have Me push you into becoming the Dominant Diva that dwells within.
If you are reading this over and over (I think that might be the reason there is such high traffic on this post lol) I think you should take the leap & come play for a session. I know I would have a lot of fun with it (even if it is "forced") & I know you would learn a lot about yourself & the sexy bitch within.  Just contact through My website & we can coordinate our schedules. Just let Me know how elaborate you would like to get & please *be respectful* Don't request to be My whore, I get offered that every day & those guys get blocked without a blink of My eye.
Lifestyle: I understand some of you are true lifestylers & if you'd like to be My sissy slave I expect a proper, polite introduction via My slave application tab on My website as well as an offer in place of tribute. We can be girlfriends if you spoil Me like one.. 

UPDATE 2 years later~
June 18, 2014

I love being able to look & see My blogs pop up based on online searches. I did want to update now that I have a few more years experience as a pro Domme because there has been many more sissy slaves in My life since posting this blog. Ive become so much further emotionally invested in this fetish than I could have ever imagined lol

A place to be served at home in My last apartment:
High heel locks for training purposes, and sexiness..
The lovely cock whore closet at My last apartment:
(Im working on making sissyland pretty, in My new apartment.) 
My sissy slave 
Little sluts galore over the past few years:
Celebrating becoming a long term keyholder while modeling gifts, Id say Ive had a good handful of serious chastity pets. Usually guys just get off about the idea of chastity. How stupid is that?! lol At least its still fun either way.
Even My commissioned Sardax portrait was depicting My sissy slave, and My slaveforSheri
I love making use of sissy maids
And good sissy maids love serving Me

Stay kinky xoxo