Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DomCon 2012

Slaves listen up~

Mistrix & I are attending DomCon~ you now have the perfect opportunity to submit to TWO powerful, deviant Women who love exploiting your kinks & most extreme fetishes.

My favorite evil vixen is returning to So Cal! We will be staying at a hotel near LAX during DomCon May 16-21st & are already booking up sessions~ We are accepting session requests, service & spoiling from slaves & kinky pets the entire time. It will be so great seeing you guys try to top each others lengths you'll go to please Us.. It'll be so fun for Us too! We do appreciate Our most loyal slaves so I'm excited to spend time with everyone! All you lurking submissives & slaves need to find your balls instead of missing out on the opportunity every man has been waiting for~ Being topped by 2 Dominant Women who aren't afraid to make you cry ;) We always require a deposit for new play partners & proper notice..
service slaves: There will be so many things for you to purchase & to do for Us it'll blow your mind. Sponsor Our room & sleep at Our feet.. Corsets need to be bought, along with latex, leather, toys & probably needing errands ran also.. Mistrix is coming from the East Coast so you subs need to make Her want to stay!!! I think the main thing were both looking forward to is scoring some new whips & using them on new pain slaves! I assure any slave who provides shopping for Us will be showered with many thanks & have bragging rights about putting Us nearly into a Domme high just from the shopping experience. Follow Us around with your credit card & watch how We smile in delight ;)
*****Film slaves: This is your opportunity for a great deal, which We never do... We are offering a half hour Double Domina sessions for POV video slaves at $200 with ID & release signed.*****
I'm looking forward to My first DomCon attendance & really looking forward to playing with pets while I'm staying in LA & also meeting lots of new Ladies & kinksters in the lifestyle. I have a special dress being made for the occasion courtesy of a sweet slave :) Come make it special for Me, even just seeing you or meeting you readers there would be awesome!

For info on scheduling solo Domme or Double Domme sessions:

I know you want to submit,
fucking do it  xoxo

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