Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Whats coming up...

Hello slaves~

I had been laying low this last week or so.. I was wiped out after DomCon & took the week after easy.. Then came Memorial weekend so I spent time with family & enjoyed the sunshine with rad people. All in all, things have been going great!
I have been thinking up new ideas to spread My Hussy ways.. I made these animated pictures from some shots I snapped over the last few months. I think Ill be posting more like these & you can find the links on My twitter feed. Ill also be posting some naughty pictures on My new Tumblr account! I wanted a place where it would be (hopefully) mainly images & less words behind them. Ill continue to post stories and pictures here but without tumblr I wouldn't have a way to publish naughty pix without twitter, instagram or most other picture viewing services would simply delete My account! 

I had over 500 followers on Instagram so instead of getting the account reported (like it just did, probably by haters with too much time on their hands) Ill just post those naughty pictures anyway, and have them saved on tumblr, & My blog, & maybe My website~ Nothing can stop Me..

Look, its Mistrix!
I'm working on a few different avenues to bring slaves & fetishists entertaining ways to worship Me while I'm away or if I am too far from where you live. Aren't I the nicest Domme ever? Niteflirt & clips-for-sale are probably in your near future so go ahead and work a few hours of overtime to tribute Me properly xoxo you're fucking welcome ;) keep posted for announcements on those!
I texted this to Emily Marilyn since she has such a big foot fetish
& since She Herself is one of My biggest fetishes ;)

OK slaves~ Its the end of the month, bills are due soon!!! Send tribute & Ill spoil you with attention. I also have a very possible Vegas trip coming up in 2 weeks also so send money so I can dine fancy & order room service ;)
xoxoxo Stay kinky

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