Monday, December 12, 2011


I know I am very fortunate to have such awesome, sweet, creative, kinky, perverted, and most of all thoughtful pets to play with!

Thats why Im always doing what I can to keep my kink bag growing with new toys to play with.. my closet full of sexy gear to get you hot & lusting over me.. & Im always reading about kinks Im interested in exploring with you perverts...
Newest toys include:
Nurse kit~ for medical roleplay etc.
Electric stimulation kit~ Im very interested in using this sooner rather than later..
Newest attire includes:
All the pantyhose & corsets I could get my little hands on at Fredericks & VS..
The lingerie in the above pictures are new (gifts)..
Orders on their way:
Pinwheels~ ordered multiple, these drive you guys nuts!!
Zipper style flogger set~ pain sluts will be calling mercy!!

If you are a newbie please read *THIS* post on how to contact me for sessions.

If you are one of the many fun play-things that I have had the pleasure of kinking around with lately: I cant wait to control your cock again, soon.. I mean that! ;)

Oooh ya, buy my first splosh video.. I guess these kinksters get really messy, its my first one, shot and edited myself. Its only $20 & you get to see me squish cherries & whipped cream on my natural boobies! I plan to make plenty more. Send suggestions & I might consider them.. Heres the link.

Lets get more kinky you slutty fucking perverts xoxo

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