Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I think you might be able to get a better feeling of who I am if I share some of the compliments (besides the obvious) I tend to get often.. Plus, I like to brag if I have the time & I just so happen to have the time at the moment...
My laugh~ this is the one I get a lot! I can be strict.. I can focus on your skin quietly as I inflict pain.. but I enjoy having a good time with my pets & I don't have to be cold & mean to do it! I love to make a big strong man flinch or whimper & laugh at him while he regains composure. I love interacting with my pets in session. I enjoy them begging for more, I enjoy them being as enthusiastic as I am while they endure every thing I give, it turns me on, knowing that they are enjoying their punishment as I enjoy administering it, I get such a high from the experience. It gets called "The Evil Laugh" a lot.

My kindness~ this one I get from first time pets in session often & almost always. I don't give one lazy fuck what other Dominas are doing, I am who I am with or without a whip in my hand. While I don't spend endless hours engaging with pets who don't serve me I also don't ignore them or turn a cold shoulder when they contact me. Yes, you come to serve Me, know your place before you approach me & we will get along fine. I have a huge respect for submissives because I know the devotion some of you have for me & for Dommes. I will treat you as the loyal servant that you prove yourself to be, but only if you do prove it: Earn your keep slaves, you come a dime a dozen & I have my pick of many.

Secrets~ often I find that one of the gifts submissives give me right off the bat are the secrets they reveal to me & nobody else. Its kind of flattering to me that I get to be the one you picked to trust with your naughty secrets. All those fantasies you've been holding inside until you met me, all those kinky kinks you've been wanting to do but never felt comfortable with anyone else to ask for, its a compliment to be the one to share those things with you.
I had a great past few days, definitely a whole other blog some other time though.... I ended up taking off the day today to relax & play with my new camera gifted from a sweet generous pet! I'm making short sexy videos for you slaves so you can worship me whenever your dirty minds desire. Cumming soon lol xoxo
Come play, I wont bite if its a hard limit ;)

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