Thursday, October 17, 2019

Keeping it hot and shiny

Hello world,
Im doing amazingly, thanks for checking up on Me :)
Lets catch up..
Dont I look great? Im feeling great too. 
Gotta love these new photos I shot with a super professional young lady in DTLA the other week. Ill slowly upload them to My website as I use them. I love these because the entire vibe of the shoot was so chill. Played everything by ear and just waltzed around LA being the Goddess that I am. She goes by GlitterFlick and shes quickly become My new favorite photographer. I would love the gift of ongoing shoots with her. You can totally pay for it too, ask Me how <3
Ive been having a lot of fun with you guys in and out of the dungeon. I snapped this picture just before seeing a long time favorite slave who I hadnt seen in about 6 years. As you can see Im sitting on My "desk" prepared for his review lol He was actually one of My first clients. One of the first that I really loved playing with. I distinctly remember driving from the Valley where I was playing overnight to come back to OC to meet him at Dragonsgate. When I was new I was a nervous about playing so close to home in OC so I started out in LA, hence the 626 area code for My phone number. Im glad all My favorite slaves happen to be OC slaves too.  Really enjoyed reconnecting.
Got a new rubber sleepsack! I had been considering this from time to time.. then recently My latex fetish kicked into another gear. I have been constantly looking at rubber. I honestly like to online latex shop Myself to sleep some nights. Its kinda bad so you should send a few hundred dollars of certificates just to make sure its always slave funded. Loved using this on a very good sub. I looooooved the huge sigh and flop on the ground followed by deep deep breaths this slave let out once I allowed him free when I had finished using him. Such a hot toy, although Im not positive I could recreate the intensity of this scene again but who knows ;) 
I let this long time fan come grovel for Me in public recently. I pay attention to everything and I forget nothing. I love how this slave seems to be the same way. I also very much appreciate his respect for My time. He didnt ask to waste My time he politely asked if he could meet Me at the time and place of My preference for a cash meet. 
What a good boy.
Im ready for more amusement.
I always say and I should day if I havent said it to you as a potential slave: communication is key & consistency is key. Those two things can get you pretty far. But screw one of them up and you will see how quickly I lose interest. I play off of energy.
 I ended up enjoying his company enough to allow him to lick My boots and be My foot stool while I enjoyed My coffee. If a slave is generous with Me I am always game to make time for them. Its not (all) about greed, its about creating the right energy that lets Me be your Goddess and makes you the happy to grovel slave for Me. 
Another groveler but naked and encased in leather.
I did want to give a mention to San Diego Mistress Porcelain Midnight for having Me out recently to Her Mistress party! I had a really good time and I was pleased with the slaves in attendance. I the energy that radiates from a slave who is new and nervous but excited and incredibly horny lol Keep an eye out for Her next party announcement or dont wait and go serve Her like a good slave should. Im always happy to take 1 on 1 sessions before the party or during the same weekend*
*for extended sessions only unless its before the party (SD is far af).
Pre session selfie at The Ivy Manor.
Serve Me. 
Click consultations on and introduce yourself with an application to serve Me. Im based in OC but Im often in DTLA and have used of a third dungeon in West LA. I love being served so I allow you to serve in a million trillion ways- pick one. is a good place to start if you have slavery on your mind.

I have another shoot scheduled with her this Friday, I just love Me~ lucky you. So thats happening on Friday. We also have another edition of Our popular CFNm Play Party, Eyes Wide Shut, happening as well! Today is the last day to get discounted tickets. Same day rate applies starting at midnight. There are quite a few references to this party on My blog here, as well as on recorded listings. If you are interested in attending this party you should coordinate some time to come out and join Us for some fun. Theres a reason this has continued on so strong since 2013. Tickets HERE.
Next place you can tip Me at after EWS is Bondage Ball!!
I have no idea what My costume will be this year but Ill come up with something!
Seating is limited so (silent drink buying) human furniture for Myself and My Goddess friends are always welcome.
throwback to last year..
I love Halloween!
My birthday is coming up!
11/22 is the special day you get to worship. I will be unavailable for sessions 11/20-11/28 which is Thanksgiving. This means you have the first 3 weeks of November to celebrate with Me! I made a wishlist HERE. I do like chocolate and flowers but I do not want any of you to give them to Me. Being the control freak that I am I dont want those cluttering up the place. Gift Me what I really want: money towards rubber or toys. Thanks, slaves.
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you might have noticed I pulled way back on posting photos and videos online. Its because I see other girls having their accounts suspended or taken down completely because of Our jobs. I like to reward My good slaves with private messages or private content.. Since finding AVN Stars I am excited I can use it exactly like Twi + Insta and be rewarded with having a following of GOOD slaves. If all My Goddess friends begin to switch over, then I will for sure drop the price. I want good slaves to be able to follow and support all their favorite Goddesses without going completely broke. 
Its $9.69/mo and if youre they type of slave who wont subscribe I judge you. The great thing is My slaves have an easy way to please Me and connect with Me. The icing on top is that theyre giving Us a referral bonus so if youre a subscriber and like the site let your Goddess know & use My link so I get credit. They can do the same for another Goddess. Ive asked My Domme friends to join.
I think I will go live on Friday just prior to Eyes Wide Shut. Live feed is only available to subscribers. See, perks. Itll be around 8pm PST. 
Here are a few links you can keep busy with ;)
Lets Play.