Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fetish Videos by Mistress Sheri

Hello sluts,

This month your favorite Mistress published some fetish clips to a few online stores so that you may have access to My gorgeousness at any time you want Me through the websites Im sure you are all familiar with, the links are:

Here is an idea of the kinds of clips you will see there:

In addition to the fun video I have shot & have planned for the future I have decided to allow you to request custom clips from Me directly! Since one of the sites has a form which easily allows you to detail & pay for custom clips I have added this form here to make things simple! Feel free to email Me if you happen to need to clarify anything Sheri.Darling13@gmail.com & by the way I WILL ignore you if your email seems like wank material or has questions that can be answered through reading My website or blog posts. you are so welcome & so lucky. Make it good & thank Me with a tribute: