Friday, December 19, 2014

End of the year vacation recap

Whats up sluts?!
Snapped a pic while driving down PCH with My best friend. She loves car rides & I love living by the beach! So whats new? Not much here. Ive been keeping busy with some fun perverts & keep entertained everyday by phone and cam sluts! I love it & I feel like each day I get deeper into My own sick mind & that's a fun thing to use on you subs!
My birthday was 11/22 & the good slaves made Me super happy with surprises & presents for weeks- just how I like it!!! slave g gave this to Me before taking Me to the airport! I love it, especially the personalized tag :)
I got away again, this time was with My slave m. Wwe went to St Lucia for 7 days! Which means I was away for 9 days! What a lucky slave to have Me all to himself, I doubt he could live without Me at this point ;) #owned
Most relaxing week ever!!! The only thing I worked on was My tan!!


I think its funny how everyone assumed Wwe were married!
Gorgeous daily sunsets!
My slave gave Me the best late birthday present! A latex dress with the logo of one of My favorite bands on it  & some matching knee highs! I threw it on right away & lounged around in it. I love surprises! And I love latex! I love and cannot live without music! If you have ever been lucky enough to have an extended session with Me then you might have heard Me talk about music with you. I definitely judge you based on what you like to listen to :) cant help it! Speaking of, someone should send Me some tickemaster egiftcards so Im ready when I want to buy some tickets sometime soon!!
Back to not wanting anything but sunshine on My skin & My slave nearby just in case! 
I wish I could do this every day! Truly the most relaxing place. 
I did bring a few fun things to use on My slave. Ill have to bring bigger toys next time ;) 
All the sunsets were gorgeous. All of them.
I love latex clad massages, the sensation of being encased in latex and then having it worshipped & feeling My muscles being massaged always puts Me into the most blissful mindset! The only close second is having My slave massage My feet while I soak in a hot hot bubble bath, what a lucky slave I have, don't I.
Still, theres nothing like being at home in OC California. Nothing. Best place to live in, best beaches, best looking people, kinkiest people, best public dungeons and We also have some of the top dispensaries in the nation. I left these treats at home to wait for My arrival back from vacation! I love Me.

I had a vanilla meet Me at the dungeon this week. I am turning him into a slave, slowly but surely. First I began to surprise him by inviting him to the dungeon to film some kinky shit with My Mistress friends, lucky lucky lucky bastard. Then I had My way with him, punishing him in the dungeon with some real S&M shit when he acted like an asshole to Me two years ago. And since then he has become VERY curious about the rush one gets when he is Dominated. See, I share some personal projects on this blog too, not all just promo lol
Now, its your turn to amuse Me.