Sunday, January 5, 2014

Post Christmas Update

Hello perverts!
Now Ill share a few favorites out of the oodles of presents I received for Christmas!
Showing off the black diamond bracelets that slaveforSheri got Me for Christmas
Its EXTRA exciting when birthdays & Christmas comes around. The way I look at it is this.. I don't get a raise or a bonus every quarter, I don't get awards from My boss. I get surprise spoiling instead. Honestly, I totally do expect for My slaves to do something nice for Me for Christmas. I offer them a place to be free all year long, to experience things they would never have even dreamed up & without Me they probably wouldn't have much fun ever if at all. 
The black diamond earrings slaveforSheri sent Me, thanks pet xo

Also, don't you want Me to think about you while you arent around? Whenever I see something that one of My pets gave Me I always think of them. Even if its off a wishlist, I think its sweet that Wwe both like the same things & that you were generous enough to want Me to have it so you sent it over. Plus I deserve to have what I want. I deserve to have nice things. you practically need Me to spend your money on Me because you know that I deserve it and so much more. What I give you isn't something tangible, its life changing, ever evolving & you only get it through your submission & service to Me: being useful. subspace. the freedom that true submission brings to your life.
human pet cage Sherispaulina sent over..
Ive been wanting this for quite a while! I am super excited that Ill be able to keep slaves contained while I run around & Ill know their dirty little hands aren't wandering, especially since I can spy via My dropcams. Perhaps a good cuckold slave will earn some time in the cage, Wwe shall see. Keeping slaves as pets is a huge kink of Mine, I definitely have a kidnap fetish that I have yet to act on. But you know what they say, the longer you suppress something the stronger the release is. Maybe that's just something I say ;) I wonder who will model it for Me first :)
I love when the post office has to give Me a cart to haul away presents, it makes such a scene & everybody gets to see how spoiled I am :) 
more sexy boots from sissy, 1 of 7 new pairs
Hidden Platform
Over 4" heel
Could these be any more perfect?
Thigh high garter boots, I love these so much!
Definitely fed My boot fetish, for now...
Tricky taking a picture of Myself, might need a hand ;)
Spanksticks from sissy!
These make the Sadist in Me smile sooo big! I cant wait to try them all out. Ive played with spanksticks before but not as many as I was gifted! Glassfiber, Carbon & Plastic cores covered in Latex! Umph!!! Will be much more sanitary & easy to clean vs My other canes & paddles! Plus the rubber effect of the latex will definitely be more hurty, who is first? :)
This is as festive as things get in My house lol 
I got a lot of really sweet notes & tributes from fans, clients & slaves during Christmas & My birthday this year- I really appreciate you taking the time to be so sweet to Me :) Thanks perverts! I also got a lot of cool stuff from My Mommy! lol Mommy always knows best!
Ashley & her sister
Ashley ended up needing surgery right after Christmas, not fun.
I did get to spend time with My family & got to ignore the phone without feeling like I was slacking. Its definitely nice to take time to be with the people you love & who know you. I am now in desperate need of a very sadistic scene though lol
Laguna Beach, was high 70s a few days after xmas
Whats coming up? Im doing a lot of puppy sitting for now while I continue to apartment shop in north OC. Shes a mischevious little fucker & Im keeping a constant eye on her so she doesn't scratch or irritate her staples from her surgery. I am offering cam sessions with notice, as well as taking NiteFlirt calls most of the time since Im stuck at home & love having perverts amuse Me. I also got a realllly sexy ensemble from Abigail Greydanus which I think Ill have to arrange to have professional photos taken (slaves who want to sponsor that speak up & send Me a message) 
Serve Me.