Thursday, October 24, 2013

Miss Sheri Traveling Domme

Have whips,
will travel xo
Vegas, possibly a day or two in New York, Amsterdam & London are all trips Im beginning to plan for now until the end of the year.
  • During My vacations if you want a piece of Me you will enjoy My pay to views on NITEFLIRT.COM/SHERIDARLING so be sure youre a customer of Mine (meaning you actually bought something or called Me before, otherwise you wont have access to those images)
  • Enjoy this ass & tit cleavage pay to view shot while I was at the tanning salon earlier this week, getting ready for DommeTrips Dominican Domination. youre welcome $20.69
  • Ill be home (for now) November 4th to November 27th
  • I have something very exciting up My sleeve for early November which I wont reveal until the T's are crossed & the I's are dotted! Exciting!
  • My Birthday is November 22. Im hitting the Nekromantix & Rev Horton Heat show in OC that night. Also, Submission LA is having another of Our popular Multi-Mistress play parties you sluts can go be useful at. Im most likely going to find a weekend or a few days to spend in Vegas to celebrate, its tradition. I love birthdays. Plus, a gorgeous suite, room service, day spas, shopping & fancy dinners are what Im all about & Vegas is so full of great service I can never get enough of it there! I will most likely take a session or two while there.
  • Click HERE when youre ready to handle My Birthday Wishlist xo
  • Ill hit Amsterdam 11/28-12/4 with Miss Julie Simone, She is performing at the Wasteland Party! We still need to book places to stay while We are there, until December 4th *hint*
  • Im also considering a tip to London to ring in the new year. Never been, isn't that a shame?!
Upon returning Nov 3rd, midnight, Ill definitely be looking forward to some downtime & being served at home sweet home in LA. I would love a slave to hit the grocery store for Me & let Me relax & cuddle puppies. Latex landry, laundry & dinner need to happen too.

Stay slutty
xo Miss Sheri