Monday, September 23, 2013

September Update

Greetings, perverts!
I made this animated image wearing new heels, gloves & dangling someones chastity keys.. Im a big fan of chastity. Nothing reforms boys faster, allowing them to be even more focused on making Me happy & more useful in general. Upon corresponding with this sissy slave who was seeking a keyholder & Mistress, and after many presents arriving at My doorstep I decided to send some keys over.. I promptly sent 3 plastic keys & 1 metal key. I love dedication but I really don't mind chastity training. To My surprise this pet longed for metal locked chastity, offered to discontinue his many memberships to porn websites & begin dedicating time and effort to Me & My happiness :) what a lucky sissy.
My new worshipful sissy paulina above came to visit Me last week...
Along with another sissy requesting consideration. The main difference is this sissy does a lot of promising, wishing & writing but not enough action. I requested she buy a pair of tits, and a sissy uniform to come serve Me domestically & send personal information to verify who she is along with references. This sissy came short on each and every request from Me. This is why I no longer wish to put an ounce of effort into this exchange. Sorry not sorry, I don't deserve to waste My time on someone who cant follow directions when I can spend it on loyal dedicated pets. Writing Me & calling everyday about his wishes and wants is completely time wasting, I wish he understood what being in service is actually about.
Gotta love My rubber sissy slut posed on the coffin during session in OC!
This sissy has been extremely attentive and although she is constantly keeping her attention on Me, she isn't wasting My time with things she wishes or problems she cant solve. My sissy is so sweet! This month has been crazy between the time I haven't been able to drive due to car maintenance & then getting the car back to enjoy some very fun sessions, then being spoiled rotten while at home during even more car maintenance. My sissy paulina & I decided that she needed an owner, and I have placed her under consideration to be collared as My property upon serving Me properly over the next year. I know we are both excited, what a lucky sissy, Im feeling very fortunate to add another loyal, thoughtful & sweet slave to My collection. My collared slave "slaveforSheri" has been extremely sweet and attentive as well, he will be visiting this coming weekend to spend some time serving Me. I cannot wait! There are so many things I have cooking up in My dirty mind for our time together. I love planning things for Us to do when we get time together :)
Miss Julie Simone visited this weekend. I promptly made arrangements to see Her & present Her with some gorgeous custom stockings I stumbled upon. I thought it was a sexy luxurious item She would love so I ordered a couple pairs for Us both :) We had a lovely dinner in Hollywood, caught up & also began to make more plans for some Hussy play time. There may be a Girls trip in the near future which would provide a few good slaves the opportunity to serve My need to travel. Stay tuned for more info as I make plans. What thrilled Me was how happy She seemed to see the surprise I gifted Her, Im so subby for Her its nuts! lol Shes the only Domme to make Me swoon like that.
Miss Julie is always on the go when in town but We did manage to hit the Black Unicorn vs Bondage Ball party at the Dragonfly Friday night, where We ran into Dvita & Masuimi Max. Masuimi performed a new act which, as usual, She looked stunning & sexy, the crowd loved it. I decided to wear this black with transparent black latex gown & matching opera length gloves My slave bought Me a few months ago out for the first time! It was a hit, as is all the custom latex that Abigail Greydanus makes Me. I love that Lady, Shes also designing more theme outfits for slave & I to wear in Dominican next month! Anyways, I found Myself dancing in front of one of the gorgeous boys on stage, who was wearing boots, hotpants & a mask- hot. I love it when everybody goes all out on their outfits, love Me some good fashion eye candy. I wish there were more perverts in LA who went out & dressed up!  

What's new?
  • My slave is flying in to see Me this week! 
  • My dungeon is having another one of Our Notorious Multi Mistress Play Parties! Join Us.
  • I'm ironing down dates for My New York visit early next month. Check My website calendar.
  • There are few days allowing opportunities to serve during October, please be sure to plan ahead to gain the best opportunity to serve while I am available.
  • My birthday is November 22nd, I updated My wish list HERE
  • End of the month  secret Girls trip - at least 4k needed for flight, hotel, taxi & food. More details coming! Ask for details on how to contribute toward My fun!

I just swooped up a new video camera which Im going to go play with right now! Not sure exactly how often Ill record or what the game plan is other than to have some fun teasing you perverts!

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