Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Montreal Fetish Weekend 2013

Greetings, perverts!
I think its safe to say that since the last update a very recurring theme has been chastity ;)
Montreal Fetish Weekend 2013 was such a blast! Im so happy I got to attend that event, thank you slave for making it happen for Uus :) I love having slave escort Me around at parties or even just to dinner & it doesn't matter where Wwe are, its always enjoyable :) What makes this trip even more enjoyable was the fashion! MFW attendees to not fuck around! I absolutely LOVED it! As a fetishist I adore having the finest things to be worshipped and adored. In LA if you go to a fetish even youll see latex of all sorts and that's really cool. BUT whats even cooler is seeing custom one of a kind latex ensembles EVERYWHERE, no off the rack around. That fact alone made My latex panties dripping wet. I DEFINITELY want to return next year.
Part of the fun in being a Pro Domme are the Ladies I get to meet, fall in love with, get to work with or even just take a class & learn from Them. This even was no different. I was fortunate enough to get to spend more time with Mistress Julie Simone who I adore, Domina Shannon who is such a rad Lady I now love, ran into Mistress January Seraph who Ive been admiring for quite a while (who doesn't admire Her?!) and also Ms Kitsch from It is so nice having pervy friends to play with!!!

I have to take a minute to gush about My love for Miss Julie Simone. Her brains, Her creativity, Her work ethic, Her ambition, Her style and Her beauty leave Me thinking of Her so fucking often you have no idea. In addition to being a good friend to have, being such a great listener and someone to talk shop with Shes got such a big heart. I think that's probably what melts Me most about Her... I am completely fascinated by Her. There are very few Dommes I truly admire & Shes at the top of the list. World Renowned Award Winning Rope Rigger, AVN Hall of Fame Inductee, Indie Porn Icon Award Winner, Feminist Porn Award winner- Shes amazing. It was a true honor to be asked to be a part of Her performance during one of the club nights, I tried to be the best rope tree for Her! lol just a pretty latex clad rope holder & nothing more :)
After Miss Julie wrapped the catsuit clad MsKitsch in a sheet of latex She then tied & suspended then pushed her to swing.
MsKitsch & I both had rubber inflaitable hoods on during the entire performance so I saw nothing, but the energy felt great :) Thanks slave for taking those pix so I could see!!!
The group on the stairs during the Fetish Walk. Its like a parade of latex through the subways & parks. Id never seen so much gorgeous latex!!! In a club is cool but daytime sunshine shiny time was really fun! My eyes could not get enough!
The group in the park.
Thanks to the friends I met there, made there & slave for making it happen!
Just wanted to document this trip in My blog because I enjoyed every minute of it :)
Whats coming up?!
Ill update My website calendar but Im planning lots of travel right now.
Miss Julie is so generous Shes offering a rope bondage class at Sanctuary LAX 9/18
(youre a complete idiot if youre a Pro Domme & don't take this class, sorry but you are) & I will be hosting another Multi Mistress play party 9/27
Im planning to hit New York in October as well as Dominican Republic for Domme trips again! I looked at October and it looks like half the month is blocked off already! I hope you perverts pay attention to that because nothing disappoints Me more than knowing you didn't plan some Me time while you had the chance.
Birthday plans haven't started because I cant decide where I want to be & when :) BUT, I always go to Vegas for My birthday. Theres nothing like fancy suites, roomservice, fine dining, the best spa experiences ever, rad shopping options & in the summertime I could spend hourrrrrs poolside. So that will likely happen
I heard two of My favorite bands are playing on My birthday in OC & I think that's the perfect excuse to stay a night there for some fun.
Link to My slave blog incase you slavey pervs would like a head start on fulfilling all My desires ;)
As usual, Id love to meet you on the phone or for some play time! to request to Serve Me. to worship Me wherever you may be
Lets get kinky xoxo