Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hussy update time

Hello pervs,
Ive been great.
 Ive been keeping busy lately & meeting lots of new pervs in the process. I do enjoy real time meetings & its what I focus on mainly - but to be completely honest - LA subs can come across very spoiled. Living in porn valley might be why these fuckfaces are always acting entitled & spoiled  lol - Mistress doesn't play that shit! Yes, there are some GREAT pets local to LA, but there are so many more that aren't the subs for Me. Which is why I love good bois who call to worship Me on the phone from all over the world. I met a sweet boi who sent this ring. He did mention how bad he wants Me to keep him fucked up & like a zombie slave bitch boi for Me for a few days so the ring was a cute gesture- thanks slut!
 Met a nice slut on the phone yesterday morning. Its lovely when you can talk with someone who clearly doesn't have identical kinks to yours & still click. We spoke longer but NF disconnected us after an hour or so & he called back. I love phone sessions where Im not "service topping" online. Its hilarious how fast some of you sluts pop at the sound of My voice beginning to detail how Id use you! I love getting paid for that lol But I love even more meeting someone on the phone, learning where our common ground is & end up really wishing they were here to serve.
Come to Me you slutty good bois! ;)
I began a new workout Im crazy about, pop physique! I have a vision of being in latex thongs & pasties nearly the whole time during DommeTrips so if you are interested in being My Ass Worship slave / workout sponsor go to this link & request consideration. you're welcome!
Ive been working on the cock whore closet! Its bright pink & black now! Ill post a photo when Im reardy, soon. These high heel locks are in there too, no taking off those slut heels now! I cant wait to finally have My kink be lived out on a regular basis! I dream I lock boy clothes away, then My pet would have access to a fully stocked sissy cock whore closet & allowed to pick wardrobe, accessories, makeup & heels..
Then get her ass in the kitchen & make Me a sandwich! ha!
 cant say no to boots even in the summertime. boot fetish, yep.
 Smoking, between cam sessions. www.niteflirt.com/SheriDarling is where you can see Me
Whats coming up?!
Multi Mistress play party at Submission LA - June 28
Independence Day with Sasha Knox in Vegas still needs to be booked!
slaves birthday is in July, Im sure we will find something kinky to do ;)
Taking a few days for a personal weekend in Wine Country in Aug.
Montreal Fetish Weekend Aug 29 - Sept 2
Other than that Ill be free to do whatever I want wherever I want.
Will it be with you? ;)
Lets get kinky!