Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hussy Update Time

Hello slut puppets..
I thought now would be a good time to brag about all the fun Ive been having. I am super happy with all the sluts I have met. A few were total wastes of time but at least I get a little laugh at their expense anyway ;)
The new Human Toilet NiteFlirt line has been such a blast! I seriously love talking to new sluts who want to serve Me :) Telling stories about how I make old men beg to get fed & young guys cream themselves at the thought of wine & dining Me only to be thanked with tasting My bodily waste made of the ingredients they gifted Me the prior night. Its quite fun to use a toilet, knowing how excited they are about it gets Me even hotter.
Give Me a call *HERE* toilet slut.
The other picture I took of this slut includes a pile of shit on his cute face.
Adorable, I tell you. If you pay Me, I will even show you ;)
This tiny cock lasted all of 20 hrs, if that.
The only thing more pathetic than his small cock
is that he thinks I would tease it without any sort of tribute.
Dream on, fuckface, dream on.
A true chastity slave wants to serve Me in ways that have nothing to do with his cock, his actions prove that & not Me constantly having to check on it..
Sorry but being a keyholder, teasing you daily & checking in on your useless cock takes time that I could spend marketing Myself, sessioning, taking Niteflirt calls or even shopping.
Just liked the picture, was taken at the new place before going out one night.
New toilet slave sent this with a shabu shabu gift card, I thought it was really sweet. He ate that meal the following morning when I met him. Awesome session, really into toilet play & said he wanted to work to become My favorite human toilet. So sweet ;) I honestly can not wait to see him again.
Been enjoying so many Goddess baths!
slave & I went to Vegas to attend AVN Awards with Siren Savannah last weekend. He is always so good to Me & to My Friends, its so sweet. I love having slave around, everything is always easier & I enjoy his company. I hate when he leaves cause no other slaves make Me as pleased as he does, so far, so its hard to be nice to them hehe.. We met up with Julie Simone while in town & Wwe all had dinner at My favorite Vegas restaurant - Eiffel Tower Restaurant! He brought the new puppy gear we picked up at stockroom so I even had a puppy for the weekend :)

Siren Savannah & I at the Tribe Ultimate Afterparty
Miss Savannah is awesome, so sweet yet sadistic. See why We get along so well?! We are considering options for offering webcam sessions together, if youd like Our time send Us an email!
Returned home to My sub boyfriend.
My slave & sub are the best, I am very fortunate to have them both.
Serve Me.
Lets get kinky!!!