Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini blog update

Hello whores!
Me at the Dungeon after being served by My LA Human Toilet 9.23.12
I have been kept very busy the last few weeks! I absolutely love being busy & especially with the pervy play partners I enjoyed spending time with in the dungeon lately which is why this is such a summarized blog update! Ive been playing with another perv who is new to the scene, which I loooove. Taking their session virginity is such a reward on top of them not having all those pesky protocol habits annoying the fuck out of Me! lol My goal for him is ball stretching. He has such a gorgeous cock, long, thick, its fucking nice to look at! I love treating him like a toy, I think he likes it too. 
Leather sling at SubmissionLA earlier
I met up with My fav latex fiend today, umph! I should have taken a picture of his sexy ass in the sling. Blindfolded, wrists cuffed above his head & legs up in the air I loved every moment of having My way with him. I have to admit, I go easy on him. Hes a total baby & says ouch but geeeez do I love perving out on him. Im always thinking of what to do next time when I see one of My favs. Almost instantly when they leave I have a new "to-do" list in My head of all the pervy things I forgot to do or want to do more of in different ways the next time we get together.

I love being inspired by you perverts.

New gag & attachments arrived from slave M :) Hes so good to Me, I'm always blown away by him.
I leave for New York on Friday! Placing My collar of consideration on My slave & going to get lots of use of the latex & toys hes been sending Me :) Ill be traveling lots in October & November so you will want to check My website calendar for dates we can play! New York, Atlanta for DomCon, then off to Dominican for a week & back for Halloween in Vegas! If you are a slave in any of those cities who want the opportunity to serve Me please contact Me through My website & politely introduce yourself if you'd like to ask for consideration.
NY slaves have 2 options to serve (Im being generous):
a) Financial Servitude- make this trip more comfy & Ill definitely be ready to return & play with you next trip!
b) Attend the Domme Dinner- in Our suite in Chelsea NY for the same reason above. This way you wont be expected to fuck off immediately after gifting Me financially. I will allow an interview during dinner & hopefully you'll be awesome enough for Me to schedule play time with you on the next trip. Email Me for info on the dinner.
xoxo Miss Sheri