Sunday, September 2, 2012

Attention Vegas Perverts!

Miss Sheri Darling &
Mistress Siren Savannah
Return to Las Vegas September 7-9th!
We know serving Us has been a long time fantasy of yours so We are coming back to play with your filthy little minds! Making a quick getaway September 7th 8th & 9th only, Our schedules are bound to fill up quickly so make your polite introductions in order to request Our play time in advance! 
I always require a deposit for a session if I have not seen you before or if you have not been courting Me to return to Las Vegas. 2 simple options for deposit: Amazon gift cards via email OR NetSpend Reload Packs bought at any 7-11 or Walgreen's store & sending Me the code.
No illegal play offered or implied.
BDSM & Fetish play only.
No "jobs" given.
Were coming to fuck with your heads mainly & to enjoy being worshipped & treated like Queens while We do it.
Ways you could serve Me:
Cam Sessions! ~ Amuse Me while Im away from home wherever you are! $50 for 10 minutes. Email Me to get info on what programs I use. Ill also likely turn the cam with phone line on via Niteflirt...
Strip Clubs! ~ I do love beautiful Women. I also enjoy supporting them buy having men buy Me lap dances from them & guess what - - - Las Vegas has many clubs to pick from..
Shopping! There are plenty of places you could be seen making large purchases of lingerie or sexy high heels I could model for you... 
Dining! Oh I love fine dining, watch Me enjoy a fine glass of wine with you while you're locked up in chastity while you have an ass full of My remove vibrating toy...
NiteFlirt!  I will have NiteFlirt on during the whole weekend while Im away! Pay close attention to My twitter feed to catch Me in a kinky mood!
Spa Day! Couples massage? you wish we were a couple and I do love massages...
Financial servitude! you may meet Me to hand over large sums of money & maybe even kiss My stocking clad feet if I find you pleasant enough, right before you turn around & leave Me in peace to enjoy your servitude...
 Gifts! you may meet Me to hand over gifts of any sort, fuck it, might as well let dweebs like you serve even if you can't afford a session or to serve how I enjoy being served most. you're welcome.
THIS means if you aren't paying for a pro session, or serving Me in the ways outlined above the answer is no to dinner, drinks, clubs, or any other kind of hanging out. 
Double Domme Sessions
We love to play together. We can play with each other while you are bound & are forced to watch Us.. or We can Dominate you at the same time and give you the Double Domme Dose of humiliation & kink you have been craving. Have you ever had a double golden shower? Boy do us Girls have to pee so BAD after having a few drinks hehehe, maybe you could be our human toilet for the weekend. One of the best things about Siren Savannah is that when Were together ANYthing is possible ;)
How to:
  1. Introduce yourself to Me.
  2. Name your kink or fetish politely.
  3. A nice description of your experience level would be helpful as well.
  4. List your limits.
  5. Be ready to send a deposit to reserve play time.
  6. Pre-session consultations are available if you call My niteflirt line at
  7. your introduction & request for play time or questions may be sent to
More complete info available on My website at
Lets get kinky!!!