Thursday, June 21, 2012

New mid-June update..

I know you fucks ache to hear me talk about what I did to another mans cock. you're all pretty cucky if you ask Me..
yumm this slave is hot...
Mine Mine Mine lol
From our last session..

I do show the naughty pictures I cant post on social networks & that I expect true devoted slaves, submissives & admirers to collect on My NiteFlirt account & some freebies on My tumblr account. youre welcome...Ive been super busy lately & having a blast. I love it when I meet a new kinkster who goes out of his way to show Me that he appreciates My attention & respects My time. I do make it hard to serve & I definitely make it easy to be dismissed. I just dont have time to put up with begging, screening, giving a fuck & then find out that you think because I called you slave that your work is done. WRONG. your work has just started. I want the best & I dont accept anything less, you will thank Me for this later.
Smoke Fetish anyone?..
I expect attention to detail & for My happiness to be a priority in your daily life. Yes, you guys have lives but guess what- so do I. Communication is key. Besides, I actually have been doing this for a minute & I do have the freedom to be picky... Im used to guys spoiling Me expecting nothing in return. I love guys who just want to support My lifestyle because they admire Me. I read a comment from a caller who said that I "make you feel good about your submission" & that made Me happy, thats exactly what I am aiming for. 
Molding new slaves into My favorite playthings has always been extremely easy, each slave I accept has been very good to Me & I wouldnt expect any less. They tend to be shy & its adorable. Why is that? Lol, granted some I havent seen in their pants because some are distant slaves in training around the world.. I wonder if they have something to hide?! Lol Its always so fun getting them to do slutty shit for Me & further brainwashing them into being a GREAT slave WORTHY of being in My presence. I do go through great detail & dont just take money for slaves who ever expect to meet Me, I neverrrr associate Myself with dumbasses & you perverts arent any different no matter how many dollars you have. Although- handing over a fat wad of cash & then leaving Me in peace is always welcome & encouraged.
I just added a cam with phone line to My NiteFlirt account, go to to see My profile & listing. I have made all other lines able to accept calls but the phone with cam line says send mail! This way you can set an appointment to meet Me online & let Me know what youd like to experience. I love real time Domination sessions but phone sessions are fun and Im thinking cam with phone would be fun too. 
At the pool 6.21.12
Kink bag~ I will try to get back into the habit of making notes of new toys I get for My kink bag. I was actually gifted toys from a few great pets & playpartners, thank you boys! I loooove new toys. Especially because I play often I find that new toys make things a lot of fun for Me no matter if the sub is new or a returning slave/pet. Flogger, a really skinny tailed flogger that is made of a rubber type of material. I acquired an awesome zappy toy! I love electric toys! I was sent a pig tail!!! So excited to make some of you fucks squeel :) New leather restraints were also sent!! I love bondage! I bought an awesome ball stretcher & got new weights in! It might be a new favorite activity lol I replaced a chain tailed flogger too! Yay I cant wait to use it again! Ive been playing around  with sensory deprivation more often lately than I did before so that is fun for Me. I got a bunch of new toys but those are the newest that stand out & its probably because Ive been having so much fun with them.
New slave sent this & geeeeeez its a good gift!
I look forward to playing with you guys soon. I do miss a few play partners, specifically having a rad roleplayer & dressing up My favorite gurl..  Its been great meeting all you new kinksters & Im enjoying getting to know/exploit & play with you ;)
Stay kinky xoxo