Monday, May 12, 2014

Lets catch up.

Hussy update tiiiiime~
Ive been so busy with bullshit I haven't gotten around to updating this blog in a few weeks. Lets cut the bullshit & make a list of the reasons why I didn't feel like writing: Falling out with a "friend" the same week I moved, did it alone. Car maintenance $700. Dental bills 3k. Pet death 3k. Laptop died. Car got hit, not My fault= free?. Vegas with slave. Sessions live+cam+phone, I have managed to continue meeting the best slaves & submissives even with having less time the past few weeks. Hmmm Mothers Day? What other excuses do I have? lol Im trying to say the worst has to be over & Im feeling a lot better as well as stronger after all that. Oh blog, youre like a fucking diary. Id just like to express My appreciation for My slaves who are the ones that showed their support always & especially when Ive needed it. My, how I have trained you oh so well :)
Im now putting finishing touches on My home play space! SissyLand is going to be gorgeous & Im really excited to have somewhere I can film at and play in that is all My own. Im back to answering My phone! Sorry, but I cant fake it & I refuse to pretend Im focused on you when Im busy dealing with bs. youll never get a fake Me, Im not an entertainer so Im all real all the time. That does mean that it is time to call or visit My website & book a session! Im all game for playing again now that Im in a better headspace :) Below is half of the play room Ill be using for My personal slaves and cam sessions, the other half will be bright in contrast & a deep shade of magenta.
Saturday play party~ Here's a clue male perverts: do not call ladies that rsvp for the parties & put them on the spot by asking if they will skip whatever it is they were planning to do on their night off/out so that they can get you some playtime. I highly doubt non pro Dommes put their (booking) phone number on the internet so I can only assume you are asking Me to work for free on My night out. I usually say thanks for the compliment of asking Me, I may see you out and Id love to play some time but I will be there with My friends & slaves. I don't ever agree to getting paid to play in public, I think its rude for you to assume its ok to push your kink on to everyone else with your goal of being seen doing x, y & z. I intended on being at the noth oc play party but after this happened I decided on not going. Oh then I got in a teeny bit of trouble because I had rsvp'd & didn't show up. Its like I can never win anymore when I want to attend public play parties. Oh well, maybe next time I wont be annoyed because Im no longer rsvp'ing to anything publicly~ hopefully no newbs interrupt My scene to ask Me to play with them like the last few times, its soooooooo rude who told you its ok to do that?! lol
DomCon~ I just looked over the DomCon schedule of presentations & its looking like there will be plenty to pick from. I don't remember there being two days of industry only presentations but they all seem great. I was writing an email to tell friends which I wanted to attend & My schedule looks kinda busy.... Theres a singletail vendor that will be here I must visit. DDI Magazine will have a booth too, so Im looking forward to meeting David Jackson in person. Hes such a cool guy, so easy to work with & I enjoy chatting him up when I get some time & the excuse of another ad renewal. David has just celebrated 30 years of publishing DDI Mag! He is stepping away to care for his mother & has named Goddess Soma & Fat Mike as their new publishers to take DDI into its online format. Hopefully that means that with their new growing online presence more of you online perverts will grow to know & love DDI as much as I do. Every issue that gets published arrives in My POBox & I make it a thing, I pour over all the ads. I love looking at the Dommes, playspaces, fashion, gear & they also have some really great articles I enjoy reading. Stories about now retired Dommes, some about fetish fashion. I really cant get enough. Plus, I did make the back cover the first time I advertised with them ;)
Mistress Dinner~ I am this years proud sponsor of the Mistress Dinner! A time when We come together to wine & dine, relax & chat, I think its a nice way to kick off the DomCon weekend. It takes place Thursday evening at 6 and it is a great honor to be a part of this wonderful event. Ive gotten a few calls about this & DomCon in general. I guess Ill try to explain it..... I consider it like camp but for adults. Book a room at the Hilton, bring your toys & get to know each other. There are great vendors that you can shop from in the convention hall. There are also many great classes on anything from negotiating scenes to ageplay to sadism. There are play parties at local dungeons. Plus whatever fun you can come up with in your hotel room ;) As a professional Im excited to see many Ladies from around the world all come together. I think this is what its all about, not calling yourself #1 & then leaving the country when the worlds biggest Domme Convention comes back to town lol
Mistress Cocktail Mixer~ My centrally located West LA Dungeon Submission LA is hosting an industry only mixer on Wednesday & Thursday evening during DomCon. I hope that all My Domme friends come join in some fun and maybe pose for one of Our favorite perverts Bob of Bobs T Girls, who will be there to offer complimentary photos. Located just 15 minutes from LAX, this is a great place for all you local & traveling Dommes to meet, mingle & network!

So theres My update. you may now go back to groveling for My attention.

Serve Me.
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