Sunday, January 5, 2014

My boot fetish

I prefer 6" high heel hidden platform boots.
If they lace up, bonus.
Hardware, double bonus.
A contrasting sole is nice to highlight the heel shape..
I remember My first pair of bad ass leather boots.
It was the beginning of My sophomore year in high school. There were new twins attending & they were hotter than any other girls in the school district. I happened to get detention with them & a friendship bloomed! Lol The twins were the most fun chick's I had met ever & I didn't think twice about what My priorities were = partying with the hot twins! We would listen to hip hop & drink wine coolers on their parents roof. We spent the majority of our time out of school primping & plotting for some party time. I ended up borrowing a pair of boots to go out to a party one night & somehow got My friend to let Me borrow them for a while. She ended up giving those boots to Me & I kept them for a very long time. They were biker boot style, they had a thick sole but weren't platformed. They had a zip on the inside of each boot to get them on & off easily & also had buckles on the outside of each calf to tighten them for a better fit.. I ended up getting rid of them once I moved but I couldn't get enough of boots!! 
I distinctly remember for years now,
the annual boot season countdown till boots are released.
It's something I'm sure all boot lovers can understand. 
  These are the first boots a client of Mine gave to Me.
It was also My first sissy,
who I adore to this day.
 Same boots.
I keep them in My shoe closet & will never let them go. 
These were the first pair of boots I was given by an online admirer. He was a super sweet boy from Germany that I let watch Me open & try them on via webcam. I'm smiling just thinking of him, he's very sweet.. 
These boots were also given to Me by My first sissy. One of the sweetest things ever was how sissy would show up with matching outfits! Matching dresses, matching heels & even matching boots! she said she wanted to feel how it was to be pretty & sexy like I am. Love it! 
I snapped this photo while relaxing after play but before dinner, last year at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas during the week long birthday celebration I let My slave take Me on.
These boots are hot.. but honestly theyre just pleaser thigh high boots & are kinda cliché in My opinion. Certainly hot & very lickable! I like how the sole is shiny..
Gotta love pleaser for getting hot heels & boots out there but I mostly enjoy wearing non-pleaser boots lol I absolutely hate wearing something another Domme is wearing. 98% of My latex is custom, I wish My boot collection was the same! Im a proud latex snob but I want to be a proud boot snob too!! Umph I do need to get some custom crotch high boots on My legs....
Aww I shot this because a lot of My human toilets are really into heels & boots. I Actually had this as a default picture for My "toilet slaves for Sheri" NiteFlirt fetish line! lol but NiteFlirt didn't like that. They don't appreciate or allow advertising using images of toilets or even the word "toilet". Therefore the line is now called "waste management for Sheri".
I took this image while in session with one of My all time favorite playthings. he loved when I took pictures of Oour play time & then shared them with all you sluts.   
Only boot clad Mistress in the pic.. Standing with Domme D'vita, Tara Indiana & Miss Cybil Troy.
Same night with the legendary Tommy O, with an image he shot of Me for the flier.
This was that slut for the camera I previously mentioned loving it's picture taken while in its place, pretty good human toilet.
This was shot before a photoshoot, Im sure that by seeing what Im wearing you know which one.
Before hitting up a fetish party.
This image is getting a lot of attention latelyyyy....
Taken in Miss Julie Simones Dungeon this past October

Leather clad from head to toe in Las Vegas..
One of My favorite things in life is watching men in public practically fall to My feet to worship My boots. Its one of My strongest fetishes  & that may be because there isn't a day in life where I cant wear boots so I can constantly feed My fetish.
Taken on Halloween night while on vacation with DommeTrips!
This was the last night of DommeTrips.
I actually forgot to plan for it since it was a bonus day & not a theme day. I picked a few favorite pieces & this is how I went out.

Side view, you're welcome.

Sexy photos by
These were shot at which is where I hold the majority of My sessions. Love it there!
I have My closet floor lined with two rows of boots on the ground and new gifts from Christmas means I need a bigger closet to keep all these sexy boots in! I am trying to find a way to display them better because I would loooooove to see each of them as I pass through their space in My home. Most of My boots are black but I do have a few pair of brown, tan & white boots.
Update 7/8


I don't "need" more boots
but I ALWAYS need more boot worship!
Serve Me.

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