Monday, December 16, 2013

Miss Sheri Darling by Sardax

What a wonderful gift!
Image of Myself with slaveforSheri & Sherispaulina included! By Sardax
This picture of it doesn't do it justice!
After spending a fantastic & fun night out with My two best slaves we came back to My apartment where Wwe shared a special moment.. The revealing of My image by Sardax! The living legend FemDom Artist Sardax and My sissy pet worked together to come up with this image that is just perfect in My eyes. Portrayed in this image is truly where I find bliss, being served by My sweet & loyal pets. I got emotional looking at it and to be completely honest I'm a teensy bit emotional typing this, kinda crazy how much this so accurately portrays the 3 of Uus. My slaveforSheri on his knees by My side, serving Me in so many ways like the sweet, loyal and hard working pet he is.. While My sissy pet, all dolled up, proudly serves Me by bouncing around the house and working hard while looking so cute! lol Too cute, I really love it so much. Everything from what I'm wearing, what I'm holding, the details about the setting, the light, My slaves details & everything about this is so perfectly capturing this time in Oour lives. Brilliant. Ill treasure it forever & ever.
The inscription reads:
"Whether sweet or sadistic
Her gifts are fantastic
She is filled with unbridled passion
Yet Her cop lands with compassion
Once Her laughter She gave
one will forever be Her slave
one's true destiny is finally met
As Miss Sheri's sissy pet"
Signed by My sweet sissy pet & Sardax.
Absolutely perfect, thanks perverts xo
Heres the image sent to Me by Sardax, the one above is a picture I snapped of the framed image so its a little off.

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