Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Financial Domination & Blackmail Fetish

I enjoy slaves who worship Me financially & support My lifestyle because they want to.. not because he is being made to feel forced to do so.
Spoiling Me shouldn't be a chore & it shouldn't be something that gains you a position at My feet. I can only take them for a joke when a slave has just enough attention for Me to last until he cums. But hey, who doesn't like a good joke, right. There is a HUGE difference between making a joke & truly entertaining Me. That's the same amount of difference between a true slave & a horny overgrown troll.

I believe a real Domme doesn't make demands. The power of persuasion can be more overwhelming and addicting than you might think. Im accustomed to perverts flying Me around the world, sponsoring trips & shopping on a regular basis. I love being spoiled & I have an endless thirst for the best in life & I love getting what I want.

guys who approach & request this type of play without some sort of sign that he is sincere won't get a response. Just to be clear I do enjoy Financial Domination scenes at the dungeon - sitting on a subs face, with the computer open to a webpage, have a set dollar limit & then I get comfy until Ive spent it all. Or till the sub passes out ;) But more importantly I enjoy being financially worshipped constantly & not just because Wwe are roleplaying that its a punishment. I love strong, smart slaves who work hard to be able to please Me & to shower Me with attention & by granting My every wish. Weak, pathetic & lowly slaves have no position in My stable.

The best & easiest way to spoil Me while also getting attention is www.Niteflirt.com/SheriDarling preferably on the FinDom line.

xo Miss Sheri

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