Monday, February 18, 2013

Whats new?

Hello sluts,
How's it going pets? I felt generous so I decided to update this blog. Ive been super busy lately with lots of new things in the works! Human toilet slaves have been coming out left & right, its been awesome! :) I dedicated a niteflirt line to them but niteflirt got mad, they don't appreciate scat play the way us pervs do. you can still call there & talk about toileting but I just can say or show a toilet or shit lol So if you're one of My pervs who enjoyed pay to views I posted there for toilet play, contact Me via email & we can continue but just not on NiteFlirt! lol Come be My toilet so I can snap some pervy images like this one above but of you & then I will jack off to them later!
They also got upset about this picture, called it solicitation & blocked Me until I removed it! lol I love chastity play & challenges, why don't they like this picture which clearly shows My love for it?! I love knowing that a sub will dedicate his cock & give up his pleasure to amuse & please Me. I like making it a game, trying to get you to break down & rip that lock off because you cant contain your urges any longer ;) Plus all the extra focus you will have to please Me in other ways since that distracting useless cock wont be in the way! Chastity play is still offered through NiteFlirt, I have a handful of chastity slaves I tease daily, sometimes multiple times a day & I have a blast doing it!
Miss Julie came to town for work & stayed with Me, it was nice having someone so pleasant & pervy around to share stories & brainstorm with. I hope She intends to return to LA more often, Id love having someone like Her around more. Shes so creative, sweet, sadistic, pervy, pretty, and most of all fun! I was dragging ass after a break up & She was there to pick Me up. Seriously cant explain how much She helped! We went to Bar Sinister to party, it was My first time there so I also have Her to thank for that. We also shot some footage of Us with CD Cindy doing some bondage & mean Girl play! Cant wait to see how it turned out!
One of My favorite play partners gifted Me these! Thanks slave g! So sweet & thoughtful, I cant wait to see his reaction when I abuse him with these babies!!! We had a nice dinner & caught up since I hadn't seen his welted ass in weeks. It was weird to see him & not take one swat at him lol It was very nice to relax & get out of the house for My first sushi experience in LA since moving here!!
slave M came to visit this weekend! I love it when he comes, he is such a big help to Me & makes Me feel his appreciation. We had sushi (above), he bought Me some sexy new bondage furniture which will be in My home in a few weeks! He helped Me so much around the house, cleaning, hanging things, taking out the old & bringing in / setting up the new. We attended the sub love event at Santcuary Studios LAX which was nice. Its fun having him watch as other subs fall to the floor at My feet just to kiss them & compliment Me. After that we went to Submission LA, My favorite playspace, where I abused him & had a lovely time :) Lots of lovely dining, which slave & I both love. He even gifted Me the latex that Ive been drooling over ever since Abigail Greydanus designed & sketched for Me!!! *swoon* The weekend always flies by when he visits, which I guess is a good thing, I'm always looking forward to next time we are together.

This was snapped at the 2nd Eros kink collective event, Myself with the man, Tommy O Photos! I had to get a pic with him, he rocks! Us standing in front of the DommeTrips flier image he shot in Dominican Republic last October. I'm extremely excited to shoot with him again soon, we just made plans! He has the power to make Me feel the most beautiful I have ever felt in My life without even having to lay on finger on Me. Hes so talented & sweet, I really cant say enough nice things about him. Hire him for your photography needs & see for yourself. 
Evil Hussies at the same event. Myself with D'Vita, Tara Indiana & Cybill Troy! It was nice meeting Ladies & chatting them up. I love sharing stories & strategies with other FemDommes, the more We stick together the less of a chance that any man has to resist Us ;) Perhaps there will be some shooting coming up with these Ladies, who would like to see that? Other than real time sessions, working on upcoming projects & training slaves I'm spending My  free time on As you can see, sometimes I enjoy long conversations ;) 
Lets play!

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