Sunday, July 1, 2012

Whats new

Netspend~ I was using NiteFlirt to accept tributes but no longer wish to do things that way unless Its the only way.. which it isnt.. I went to 711 today & bought a Netspend reload pack. Theyre like prepaid visa debit cards I can use to get gas, grocery shop, use just about anywhere. So instead of NiteFlirt taking $30 of that $100 you sent Me Ill be getting the tribute directly from slaves & pets & all they pay is $4.00 for the transaction. Easy. The minimum amount is $10 & I think the max you can buy for each reload card is $500. So far I know Walgreens & 711 carry them. slave goes to one of those stores & purchases the tribute & then will send Me the code number on the card, simple. For live sessions I will continue to accept cash only.
I love My smoke fetishists
Auctions~ Im not sure how this will go but Im selling worn items. I have already started packing & am looking forward to moving soon so I want to get rid of the old stuff I have! Lucky bastards, Im going to be posting in a day or two some stockings, worn lingerie, stinky sneakers & heels -  Im even letting go of the first pair of heels I ever bought!!! I just really am so ready to let go of some items I know you pervs would enjoy more than I currently am. If you are a slave or pet & buy an item I will also include a picture of Myself with or wearing the item & perhaps be giving some assignments using those auction items so keep posted!
The other day driving by downtown LA
Ive been bouncing back & fourth between LA & OC as usual but was busy doing lots of other things... I should have a regular schedule after the 4th of July. Im working on shooting some stuff to tease My distance slaves & lurkers.. But am always ready to play with My rad play partners when they find time to sneak off for some play time. Ive been keeping tabs on some kinksters on NiteFlirt so that continues to be fun.

Just wanted to drop a note & let you pets know whats new & how to serve Me better, help get rid of My shit & lets play ;)

xoxo Stay kinky 

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