Monday, July 9, 2012

Checking in..

Whats up perverts?!
Mmm Leather...
I wanted to touch base with all My lurkers ;) Ive been kept very busy lately & am working on a couple different "projects". First one being~ Distance Training. I have enjoyed training subs online so much I thought I would make a new tab on My website to direct slaves interested in serving Me. I teach them about what it takes to make a Domme like Me proud to call you slave. Theyve been My little play things & I have a lot of fun with their training! From tasks & assignments to journaling & kinky calls to report back on their assignments.. 
Also, I wanted to mention it here.. Film slaves hooded or not are welcome. Id like to start creating some beautiful BDSM images & videos ~where you suffer for Me, plain & simple. I know foot freaks are going to come crawling on their little hands & knees BEGGING & thats fine.. masochistic slaves with less limits are going to take priority & thats just how its going to be. slaves who serve on film how I WANT THEM TO will possibly be allowed a discount.
Gorgeous playspace I will be using for LA Sessions
Located in West LA
Sissies, slaves, submissives & fetishists of all sorts are going to love coming here! Its beautifully done, very private & discrete. Easy to get to which is great for all of us. Fully equipt, AC & heating, kitchen & shower. On top of My toys there are lots of play stations with toys already there & great set ups for so many new scenes.
Oh & a SHOWER for you pervs to clean yourselves up before you leave :)
Schedule some play time & lets get kinky!
Auction item~
Check My Auction list often! I'm updating stuff almost daily & include items I ruined in session, used socks, stockings & sneakers, & so many random kinky items you guys would love to worship. I also enjoy giving slave tasks having to do or using the auction item once they win it!
Presents!! Thanks slave M xoxo
Im always very appreciative when I am treated well. I grew up poor & knew what it was like not to want because I just knew I couldn't have... Ive worked hard all My life to get where I am and I know I am fortunate to have slaves, submissives & fetishists around Me who support My lifestyle. I looooooove being spoiled & bragging but really inside I'm beyond elated & almost turn into a softie, but its only momentarily... ;)
Phone sessions 24/7 Call SheriDarling for phone sex on
Distance Training via Pay to views on Niteflirt
Video Slaves wanted!
Auction Items HERE
Live sessions in LA & OC!
Request a session or request to serve as a slave on My website:
Lets Play xoxo

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